How to choose wall

How to choose wall

Wall – the household name of set of the furniture modules capable to contain the mass of various things – from clothes and household appliances to books and knickknacks. Correctly picked up wall not only is multipurpose and convenient. It is capable to decorate really the room and to become important element of decor.


1. Decide what size of future wall is optimum for your needs. It can occupy all wall or only its part, to incorporate open racks, regiments, dressers and cabinets with doors. You can choose ready model or group own set of sections, buy ready wall or order it in furniture workshop according to own sketch.

2. Choose material of which the wall will be made. The most expensive models do of natural wood – oak, beech, cherry, nut. Options produce from chipboard, MDF or plastic more simply. The surface can be the colored, polished or covered decorative film.

3. Classical models are established along long wall of the room. However you can prefer other option – for example, angular wall. Such model is preferable if your wall includes several narrow clothes lockers or open shelves. The long combination can be separated into two parts and to establish in different corners of the room.

4. The choice between deaf oar doors and open regiments depends on style of your room. The abundance of glass, mirrors and open spaces will make the room more spacious and hi-tech or modern eclecticism will be suitable for situation in style. The closed cabinets and dressers from solid wood will give seclusion and cosiness. Such walls are well combined with classical upholstered furniture and decorative portieres.

5. Combining sections, you proceed from own needs. If you have many books, establish more racks and shelves. The glazed show-windows will be necessary for collection of knickknacks and ware. If you want to install TV and audio the equipment, take care of availability of convenient low sections and panels through which it is possible to pass cords.

6. You should not include long clothes lockers in linear wall – such model will sadly look. The wall for the living room should not become storage of all family clothes. The models intended for the nursery can include set of open shelves for toys and spacious boxes with the smooth course where the clothes will be stored.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team