What are the hookah or cigarettes more harmful?

What are the hookah or cigarettes more harmful?

Today in many cafes and other institutions it is possible to order a hookah. A huge number of people is considered that this absolutely harmless entertainment which does not affect health in any way. Actually this delusion and still should be found out that the hookah or cigarettes are more harmful. To understand this subject, a huge number of researches which allowed to receive important results was carried out.

Whether the hookah than cigarettes are more harmful?

Children know of harm of cigarettes even. Pitches which get to an organism collect that considerably influences its work in general. Tobacco which is used in hookahs contains not so many pitches, but at the same time in it there are other hazardous substances. Even, in spite of the fact that smoke is filtered through liquid, nicotine also comes to an organism as a cigarette of people about 2 min., and a hookah smoke about half an hour, and even it is more.

Scientists conducted researches to understand, the hookah, than cigarettes are how more harmful, and it was connected with dynamics of development of oncological diseases. As a result they came to a conclusion that the structure and composition of the smoke which is emitted from cigarettes and a hookah are identical. It is proved that when smoking a hookah the risk of development of cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer increases. One more shortcoming – during combustion of coal is allocated carbon monoxide, and this substance as a result gets into lungs and does harm to an organism.

Understanding that, the hookah in comparison with cigarettes is how more harmful, It is necessary to tell about its following shortcomings:

  1. If the person regularly smokes a hookah, then it can have headaches, increase arterial blood pressure and also there are heartaches.
  2. Generally the hookah is smoked in the big companies where the mouthpiece through which smoke is inhaled, is transferred from one to another. Similar actions people can extend different diseases, for example, flu, herpes and even tuberculosis. For this reason it is worth using individual nozzles.
  3. As well as cigarettes, a hookah are caused by dependence, and not only nicotinic, but also psychological.
  4. Speaking about harm of a hookah, it is worth mentioning that for appeal various chemical fragrances which are also noxious to health are added to hookah mixes.
  5. Smoking of a hookah and cigarette equally influence a condition of tooth enamel, doing it more yellow or gray over time.
  6. Contains not only carbon monoxide, but also salts of heavy metals and also formaldehydes in smoke which arises during combustion of fuel in a hookah. Besides it is worth noticing that damp smoke much quicker and easier gets into lungs.
  7. If to mention technology of smoking of a hookah, then the person drags on rather strongly, and it leads to the fact that smoke gets more deeply, than during smoking of a cigarette.

Researches showed that one smoked hookah is equated to 100 cigarettes and internals suffer from fruit smoke in 10 times more. Therefore it is possible to tell safely that the opinion that pandiculation of fragrant smoke is harmless, is the myth. Statistically in the Arab countries because of smoking of a hookah annually dies thousands of people. Consequences as after smoking of cigarettes, and a hookah identical: lung cancer, problems with a cardiovascular system and lungs, low weight at future posterity, etc.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team