How to choose waterproof ink

How to choose waterproof ink

mascara allows the woman to remain beautiful and to look faultless even in rainy weather. It is necessary to treat the choice of this product seriously. Before going to shop behind ink, it is necessary to remember several simple rules.

Properties of waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara enjoys wide popularity of those women who want to look faultlessly in any situation. Good waterproof ink can pass test by tears, atmospheric precipitation. At the same time women can remain confident that ink will not begin to flow and under eyes ugly black stains will not appear.

Waterproof mascara differs from usual in the structure. Its basis is formed by wax of plant and mineral origin and dyes. Wax helps to create water-repellent film thanks to which it is not so simple to wash away ink by means of usual water on the surface of each eyelash. As the fixing polymer the producers of this kind of decorative cosmetics apply silicones.

Use of waterproof ink can negatively affect condition of eyelashes. To choose the most suitable in all respects, but at the same time rather harmless product, it is necessary to approach question of the choice of ink seriously. It is necessary to wash away product from eyelashes the means which are only specially intended for this purpose.

How to choose waterproof ink

Waterproof ink can be two types: water-proof and moisture-proof. Choosing cosmetics in shop, it is necessary to understand that ink with mark of water-proof will help to keep make-up in the conditions of the increased humidity. It will not begin to flow if the woman is caught in the small rain or snow or will burst into tears. During walk under pouring rain or at visit of the pool only that ink on which there is moisture-proof mark will be able to stand. It is not necessary to buy ink with moisture-proof mark without the bases defined on that. If the woman is not going to visit the pool or to go to the sea, it is better for it to use product with water-proof mark. Such ink more makes thrifty use of eyelashes. All over waterproof products are rather harmful to make-up therefore you should not use them needlessly nevertheless. When choosing waterproof ink it is necessary to give preference to quality cosmetic products from the famous producers. Natural wax and nutritious components which promote strengthening of eyelashes are part of expensive flourishes. It allows to reduce several harm from presence at composition of silicones and other synthetic polymers. Each woman can independently solve what shade of ink by her to choose. Now not only black, but also color mascara is popular. Depending on own requirements, it is necessary to choose it is blown with effect of lengthening, podkruchivaniye, with effect of volume. Modern producers of decorative cosmetics release the whole lines of waterproof flourishes which differ on the properties and shades. Upon purchase of ink it is necessary to pay attention to date of its production and period of storage. The quality product has to have creamy consistence without signs of drying and pleasant smell. If from bottle with ink the unpleasant smell proceeds, it can mean only that the product has begun to spoil. It is better to refuse such goods at once.

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