How to choose wig

How to choose wig

Wigs use invariable sympathy of fashionistas from time immemorial. Still ancient Egyptians and medieval geishas decorated themselves with difficult hairstyles from the artificial hair designed to imitate the real curls. And in our century the wigs never completely quitted the fashionable stage. The main advantage of wigs is that they allow to change with ease female image without radical irreversible changes of appearance.


1. In order that the wig looked naturally and really decorated the hostess, it has to be picked correctly up. Unlike normal headdresses when choosing wig it is necessary to pay attention to a number of factors, and not just to its color and the size. And first of all here it is necessary to define for itself main objective of acquisition of wig.

2. If the wig is bought for daily socks always to have good hairstyle irrespective of circumstances, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to quality of wig and tone of his hair. That the wig looked as the hair, it has to be on color no more than one tone lighter or is more dark than natural hair. More radical coloring will be evident and look at once unnaturally.

3. If the wig is specially got with the purpose to change appearance, to create new image, then it is necessary to choose it taking into account features of the skin and color of eyes. The light wig well will suit owners of blue or light gray eyes and well-groomed, fresh skin. It is necessary to have to look that very light, almost white hair well will look only at absolutely healthy skin of very equal shade. Or in the presence of full make-up. In all other cases strongly decoloured hair will age.

4. Dark wigs will suit dark-complexioned women with delicate features. Natural blondes excessively dark color can age and emphasize shortcomings of their skin. For experiments with the appearance the red wig is more advantageous. Reddish shades approach practically any type of appearance. It is necessary to consider only that after 35 years it is better to avoid too bright reddish tones. They can give to the mature woman vulgar look.

5. The quality of production of wig is of great importance. Try to avoid kustarno the made wigs, even offered for very modest money. The German wigs of signature production from natural hair are considered as the most qualitative today. However they are rather expensive also not to all on pocket. Wigs from synthetic hair are much cheaper and are more available, but they can look artificially. Purchase of the mixed wig made as of natural, and synthetic hair can become optimal variant in this case. Such wigs effectively combine natural type of natural hair with durability and reliability of synthetic "mane".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team