Summer light salads with shrimps

Summer light salads with shrimps

Summer – time of a fresh vegetables, greens and berries, food useful and light. But all the time it is boring to crackle one grass. Shrimps salads – fragrant, refreshing, sweet and sharp, crunchy and bright - as well as possible are suitable for slow summer meals. Shrimps are perfectly combined both with greens, and with berries, with vegetables and fruit. Dozen various gas stations approach them. Such salads can be cooked and following recipes, and masterly improvising.

Summer fruit salad with shrimps and strawberry

To prepare shrimps according to this recipe for you it is necessary to mix a dried peel and juice from one fruit of a lime with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, to season with salt and to mix, put 250 grams of the cleaned crude shrimps in the turned-out marinade. For this dish you can take and tiger or royal shrimps, but this amount of marinade is designed for small shrimps. While shrimps are pickled, mix salad and prepare gas station. For salad take fresh greens which to you to taste. Big the popularity enjoys shrimps and arugula salad, but its peculiar bitterish flavor is pleasant not to all in combination with fruit. Cut in cubes several slices of watermelon (without crust) and one mango, also cut goat cheese – gram 60 – or feta, put to greens and strew with 2 tablespoons of pine nuts. Cut 5-7 large berries of strawberry on segments and put in salad. For gas station mix in blender ¼ of a cup of the cut strawberry, ¼ cups of fresh juice of a lime, 1 tablespoon of honey and as much poppy seeds, salt and pepper. Warm a frying pan or a grill and fry shrimps 1-2 minutes from each party. Add them to salad. Fill and give to a table.

Light salad with shrimps and raspberry

It is the recipe of salad with royal shrimps who it is necessary to weld previously. How to cook shrimps? Within several minutes in boiled water with spicery – bay leaf, bell pepper, salt and herbs. As soon as shrimps become opaque, take out them from a pan and dip into ice water. Cut segments 1 bulb of sweet red onions, cut 1 mango in cubes, the peeled walnuts – - roast a quarter of a cup in a dry frying pan to a light aroma, mix with 300 grams of a salad mix (tear too large sheets on a part), add a shrimp, 1 cup of large raspberry, fill with olive oil and balsam vinegar. if you have a raspberry vinegar, it will approach here even better.

Salad shrimps, young squash and cherry tomatoes

Gentle young squash can be eaten crude. Only it is worth cutting them more thinly, having used a special mandoline – a slingshot with a thin string or an edge which you clean vegetables or fruit. "Plane" 1 small squash, weighing 250 grams. Spread out 500 grams of royal shrimps on the baking sheet laid by baking paper sprinkle olive oil, season with salt and flakes of red Chile hot pepper and bake about 8-10 minutes in the oven which is previously warmed up to 180 wasps along with the cherry tomatoes which are also sprinkled by oil. Mix all ingredients and season with lemon juice.

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