How to choose window profile

How to choose window profile

It is necessary to approach the choice of window profile responsibly. The established low-quality profile will create many problems in the future. The good profile is capable to protect your house from drafts and cold.


1. Now in the market there are a lot of various offers. In practice of construction several types of window profiles are usually used: wooden, wooden-aluminum, aluminum and profile from PVC. Also in certain cases establish fiberglass profile. All these types differ from each other in the framework wall thickness, the number of cameras and the chemical composition of the applied material.

2. First of all pay attention to quality of profile. This indicator depends on manufacturing techniques. Also it is necessary to pay attention to such indicators as the glass area and sound-proof opportunities of profile.

3. Presently the wooden profile enjoys wide popularity. It is usually made of the Siberian larch, alder, oak and pine. It should be noted, the Siberian larch has good density and is capable to push away water. This material has the big term of operation. Pay attention to impregnation of wooden window profile. The surface has to be protected from rotting. Apply priming structures to this purpose. Over them 2-3 coats of paint are already put.

4. If you have thought of acquisition of the wooden aluminum shape, then first of all pay attention to protective aluminum pads. They have to be established over timber frame construction of profile. Such pads are capable to prolong the term of operation of window considerably. There are two types of pads – direct and round. In the market you can meet the wooden aluminum shape which has the frame consisting of two profiles connected among themselves - wooden and external aluminum. That the window well protected from atmospheric actions, powder paint has to be applied on wooden profile. Also sometimes put electrolysis anodic coating.

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