How to clean gold products

How to clean gold products

Gold jewelry gives to their owners confidence and respectability. But kind of we protected products, sooner or later all of them equally become soiled. It is possible to clean them quite just in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • water, cleaning agents, ammonia, paste for cleaning of jewelry, soft rags


1. Pour water with the temperature of 50-60 degrees in capacity, add to it any cleaning agent (for example, soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, liquid means for washing of ware). Lower in it gold product. Wait 1-2 hours. It is required in order that the dirt which has accumulated on product has become limp. When it is softened, clean ornament soft toothbrush. Wash product with flowing water and dry up.

2. Make chemical cleaning. It is necessary to remove the oxidized elements which are on surface of gold jewelry. For this purpose buy in pharmacy concentrated (not less than 25%) water solution of ammonia. Pour it in ware, put gold jewelry there. Processing time 2-3 hours. If it is strongly polluted, then it is better to leave it for the night. Then the product needs to be washed out under flowing water and to dry up.

3. Carry out mechanical cleaning. Take the special paste intended for cleaning of gold products. It consists of vaseline, vegetable oil, soapsuds. Powders can serve as additives: corundum, bergmeal, carbonate of lead, white magnesia, etc. Apply paste on brush with soft bristle or soft rags, accurately wipe the polluted surface. You make movements in one direction. Then withdraw the remains funds dry soft fabric, wash ornament with ethyl alcohol or vodka to remove residues of paste. Wash product with water and dry up. Paste can be made independently, the consistence has to correspond to semolina porridge of average liquid.

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