How to clean mirror

How to clean mirror

On smooth surface any dust and dirty prints is well visible. Mirrors in the bathroom become soiled from splashes and suffer from the increased humidity. That you could distinguish the reflection without distortions, do not forget to clean these objects of your house interior.

It is required to you

  • Cretaceous gruel
  • - chalk or tooth-powder (1 tablespoon)
  • - glass of water
  • - paper towel
  • - linen rag
  • Acetic solution
  • - vinegar (1 tablespoon)
  • - water (1 glass)
  • - linen rag
  • Vodka or cologne.
  • - vodka or cologne (1 tablespoon)
  • - rag
  • Strong black tea
  • - black tea (1 tablespoon)
  • - water (1 glass)
  • Bulb from flies
  • - onions (1 piece)
  • - rag
  • - cold water
  • Blue
  • - blue (bottle or bag of dry powder)
  • - cold water (1 glass)
  • - rag
  • Milk
  • - milk (1/2 glasses)
  • - rag


1. Cretaceous gruel. Pour out glass of water in bucket. whitepiece of chalkCrush children's in plastic package rolling pin. Instead of piece of chalk it is possible to take tooth-powder. Fill chalk spoon in water, add ammonia solution spoon. Stir the received mix and slightly warm up on fire. Let's stand. Drain excess water.

2. Pick up the settled cretaceous gruel rag and rub smooth surface. Let's dry. Crumple paper towel and remove the dried-up chalk. Properly rub with clean paper towel mirror to gloss.

3. Acetic solution. Pour in vinegar spoon in glass with water. Wipe mirror, moistening rag in acetic solution.

4. Vodka or cologne. Splash on rag alcohol-containing liquid. Carefully rub smooth surface.

5. Strong black tea. Make glass of strong tea. Let stand and to cool down. Wash out mirror, moistening rag in tea infusion.

6. Bulb from flies. Cut napiform bulb on two parts. Rub with onions halves smooth surface. Wet rag without fibers cold water and wash out mirror.

7. Blue. In glass blue water, having added to it several drops of liquid blue. If you have blue in powder, then take it on teaspoon tip. Wipe with cold water with blue mirrors during cleaning of rooms. The surface of mirrors will always be clean and brilliant.

8. Milk. Moisten rag in milk and wash out smooth surface. Then rub with paper towel.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team