How to clean silver jewelry

How to clean silver jewelry

Silver jewelry, as well as any other, needs cleaning from time to time. Of course, it is possible to buy the special cleaning liquid in shop and to clean silver, following the instruction. But if at the right time this means near at hand has not appeared, there is opportunity to use others, not less effective, ways.


1. Take 1 part of ammonia solution and 10 parts of water. Stir. Moisten piece of soft fabric in the received solution and you clean silver jewelry before disappearance on them dark raid.

2. Squeeze out a little juice of lemon and place in it for several minutes silver jewelry. Get and wipe with dry soft fabric. Juice of fresh lemon can be replaced with the citric acid divorced randomly in water.

3. Fill on saucer of a little baking soda and add several water droplets (i.e. moisten soda, but do not stir it in water). Dip rag in damp soda and begin to wipe silver. This way is suitable for silver products with smooth surface and not really is suitable for jewelry with numerous small patterns, deepenings can remain dark. It is possible to try to reach them by toothbrush with not really rigid bristle.

4. To part in water of a little laundry detergent and to boil in it silver products within 3-5 minutes. To get and wipe dry with soft fabric.

5. Cleaned silver tooth-powder with addition in it several drops of ammonia solution earlier. The old way has not lost the relevance and today. The main thing - upon termination of the procedure of cleaning to wash out jewelry under stream of warm water, especially in deepenings of patterns.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team