How to clean spot from wax

How to clean spot from wax

Take into account that the wax spots cannot be dissolved even in hot water. Therefore normal washing will not help. But it is possible to use special solvents, stain removers or other checked ways.


1. So, to remove spot from wax or paraffin, clean wax pieces from the surface of fabric with any firm subject, for example, teaspoon. You will find on matter trace from spot of light color.

2. Take clean rag, wet it in water and put on the site with spot. From above place clean sheet of paper, it is possible to take normal white leaf of A4 format.

3. Over normal paper place blotting paper or tissue. Apply not too hot iron on this place and take a little. Then move sole of the iron and again take. It is necessary to move the iron until until all fat appears on paper.

4. Now heat the iron stronger and iron spot through wet fabric and paper. Under the influence of high temperature, wax will begin to melt, then will separate from clothes and will descend on damp matter. At small wax spot it is possible to use the normal spoon warmed in the boiling water or edge of standard kitchen knife, heated on gas.

5. If the spot not of the really big sizes, then is also possible to remove it, having put on both sides from the polluted fabric blotting paper and having passed on it by the hot iron. The blotter will absorb in itself the melted paraffin.

6. To remove the wax spot from such fabric as plush or velvet, try to rub the polluted area piece of the cotton wool impregnated with cologne or alcohol. The hot iron in this case is not recommended to be used as it can deform fabric pile.

7. There is one more reliable way of disposal of the wax spots. Clean off wax from fabric, then blot cotton wool with turpentine and rub spot or put cotton wool and leave for 10 minutes on spot. After that wash thing. Turpentine is on sale in pharmacy, however, it can have other name, - turpentine oil.

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