How to multiply garden wild strawberry

How to multiply garden wild strawberry

The garden wild strawberry has won recognition of gardeners thanks to the tastes and ease in cultivation. Make multiple copies this berry in three ways: mustache, division of bush and seeds.

It is required to you

  • - seeds;
  • - pikirovochny boxes;
  • - glass;
  • - soil mix.


1. Reproduction usamieto the most widespread way of reproduction of garden wild strawberry. During vegetation on uterine bush escapes with several sockets are formed. For receiving their good harvest it is recommended to delete in time, but if you want to receive new planting stock, allocate especially fruitful bushes 2-3 summer age and leave no more than 2-3 sockets on escapes. When young plants take roots, separate them and replace to new bed.

2. Reproduction of wild strawberry division kustaetot way is applied to remontant garden wild strawberry which gives very few mustache, and some grades do not form long escapes with sockets at all. Instead of them many short shoots are formed. At division of uterine bush, it is desirable three-year-old, accurately disconnect the young plants having the developed top kidney, several leaves and good root system.

3. Reproduction by seeds This option, as a rule, is applied by selectors to receiving new grades. But it is possible to buy bag of seeds of popular grade and in shop, and then to grow up seedling. If you want to experiment, pick in July-August ripe berries from the pleasant bushes. Then accurately cut off layer with seeds and decompose to dry. Then separate seeds from dry alburnum. It is possible just to wet berries, in water to separate seeds from pulp, and then it is good to dry. It is possible to store the received seed material up to 3 years.

4. In the winter (in February) prepare pikirovochny boxes, fill in them mix from 2 parts of sheet humus, 1 part of the cespitose earth and 1 part of sand. Do not forget to put on bottom drainage from beaten brick. Humidify the soil and seed wild strawberry seeds rows at distance of 5 cm between everyone. As seeds very small, deepen them only on half-centimeter. Cover with glass and put to the room with temperature 20-25os. If necessary humidify the surface of the soil by means of the spray.

5. 8-12 days later the first sprouts will appear. Move boxes to the lit place and when at young bushes the first present sheet, otpikiruyta through 2-3 cm is created. Look after seedling, water in time. At emergence 4-5 leaves repeatedly hold sword-play. Now seat bushes at distance of 5х5 cm. At the end of May seedling can be planted to the open ground, previously having accustomed it within week to open air.

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