Autumn landings to spring

Autumn landings to spring

In early autumn it is possible to be engaged in landing of winter and bulbous plants. Such crops have number of advantages. The main thing - early receiving harvest.

Autumn crops will not cause difficulties even in the beginning gardener. Before frosts it is quite real to receive harvest of fresh and fragrant greens if at the beginning of September to land and cover with film onions, fennel and parsley. And for the winter, greens are planted later, somewhere at the end of October that she was not in time inbarks.

At the end of September it is possible to plant garlic. Make high, beautiful beds. The sides are higher, the it will be more convenient to process plants and the soil will be warmer, and the harvest is more.

If plants in kitchen garden often are ill, the soil poor. It is possible to correct it, having seeded rye or mustard towards the winter. It will be necessary to dig over the soil together with these cultures in the spring and the bed fertilized by nitrogen will turn out.

If to dig over the earth with sawdust, weeds, tops of vegetable from vegetables, then warm September weather will start rotting process, and in March on such allotment it will be possible to plant salads, greens and garden radish. And in about one and a half months, tomatoes, pepper and other whimsical vegetables will be able to move to such bed.

In September it is possible to put coniferous and fruit-trees, bushes. Saplings of raspberry, currant, gooseberry, honeysuckle and blackberry are cheaper in the fall. After leaf fall the garden needs to be processed from wreckers. Do not wait to frosts, wreckers will hide deeply in the earth.

Carefully choose the place for crops, considering features of each culture. But anyway on bed water should not stand. Take care of fertilizers. Depth of landing of plants has to be deeper, than at spring. Seeds choose the largest.

Well the following cultures postpone wintering: fennel, parsley, sorrel, parsnip, onions, garden radish, carrots and even beet.

At the beginning of September it is possible to put or seat strawberry and wild strawberry. They will have enough time for rooting. And also this good time for work with bulbous flowers, some of them will blossom in the middle of the spring. Previously bulbs disinfect by means of light pink solution of potassium permanganate. Depth of landing has to be equal to three diameters of bulb. The exception is made by white lily. It is planted almost at ground level.

Behind autumn landings the minimum leaving is required. Actually it is landing, fertilizer and the shelter is possible. It is possible to cover beds by means of special material, fir twigs or straw. In the spring of the place of landings it is necessary to podrykhlit accurately. It will help sprouts to break through.

It is necessary to estimate viability of seeds in the spring, not all from them will worry winter. The main problem of the wintered plants – early shoots when the sun is still very deceptive. Will help to save seedling ukryvny material.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team