Acquaintance to parents: how to behave?

Acquaintance to parents: how to behave?

Holy Christ! This terrible day came – the man invited you to get acquainted with the parents! This meeting, certainly, one of the most important in your life. But about what with them to tell how to make up also what, after all, to put on?


Certainly, it is necessary to make the first impression correctly, will not correct it at you an opportunity any more. It is worth putting on on a meeting with the guy's parents accurately and frostily: not to be fond of jewelry, accessories and a bright make-up. Of course, if in usual life you do not get out of jeans, you should not come in a strict yubochny suit of gray color too, but remember moderation.

So, refuse bright and excessively defiant cosmetics, mad varnish piles and hair of radioactive color. Try to look most naturally. It is important to parents of your young man to understand that he meets the good girl, but not some unclear person in the torn apart jeans and piercing in a navel.

How to behave

Certainly, acquaintance to the man's parents – a stress for the girl. If darling decided to show the darling to mother and the father, intentions its quite serious. It is kind of banal sounded, but try to be natural – it always bribes. If you never in life read poets of a serebrenny century, you should not try to argue on Tsvetaeva's creativity moreover and with a type of the expert. Believe, better honestly and just to admit that not really you love poetry, than to get into absolutely an awkward situation. You should not try to help mother to cook food or to wash the dishes. You can offer only unostentatiously the help, but do not go too far. First, you, after all, on a visit at all are not obliged to behave as the family member, and, secondly, mother of the man should not feel in you the competitor. Whatever nice, economic and hard-working you were if you begin to overshadow her – the main woman in life of the precious son – will appear in the black list. Also you should not show too obviously the attitude towards your young man at his parents. That is, if he takes you by hand, it is not necessary to pull out it, of course, but also it is extremely undesirable to kiss vzasos languages behind a dining table. You remember, you are a decent girl.

Small secrets

For the first acquaintance to parents of the man it is possible to prepare a small gift if it, certainly, appropriate. In this case flowers, box of chocolates or a bottle of wine on a table will be universal. By the way about wine even if you are able to drink and are capable to drain a bottle independently and without consequences, you should not show this skill to parents. It is better to stop on one glass.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team