How to marry the chief

How to marry the chief

your chief - the man strong, smart and successful, then is not present anything surprising that you had had sympathy for it. Now you need to present delicately the feelings that it did not look vulgarly and did not remind the soap opera.


  1. Do not stake only on sexual inclination, that is do not go to far in make-up and miniskirts. Can happen so that besides receive nothing - the chief will not consider your gentle heart and trembling soul. If your purpose is in marrying the head, then the defiant and provocative behavior is unacceptable. Strictly observe dress code. Do not buy a lot of clothes of unclear producer, it is better to be spent on a little really qualitatively sewed things from good fabric. The suit sewed on carefully verified curves sits always so that it only decorates the woman and emphasizes all advantages of its figure.
  2. Make not striking, accurate make-up, using natural shades. Do not use spangle, it is a lot of nacre and mirror gloss. All this will be suitable for disco, but not for work, and the feeling will not command to the chief respect for you. You do not wear the hair long dismissed, try to make easy performed by hairstyle that this procedure did not take a lot of time in the mornings. If you have hairstyle, then stack it every day - it will tell about your cleanliness and accuracy that is important for each man, not only for the chief.
  3. Think over the accessories - they will tell about much to the observant person, and your chief would not become the good chief if that was not. You keep the business bag in order - the man will decide that you and have houses everything under control. Usually all heads are workaholics and to them it is important that when they come tired home, they were met by cosiness and comfort. Each trifle is important for the person of such level if he considers the woman as future spouse. Be ready and accompany it on business negotiations and to make tasty dinners.
  4. Unostentatiously find out gastronomic addictions of the chief. It can be learned when you get with the chief at one table, on office party, for example. Learn to cook its favourite dishes in perfection, show the talent, bringing them for work as the lunch. Sometime your darling will be tempted and will taste slice, and, of course, will not be able to come off!
  5. Divide hobbies of the head - soccer, cars or computer games. Yes anything! The man loves when the woman understands what he speaks about. And to talk that it is interesting to you it is pleasure for all. Become the friend for him, the person who will always listen, will try to help and will not push away. All people appreciate reliability and caress. Here so, gradually surrounding the chief with care and heat, you will achieve that you will become for him that only without which he will not be able to live also day!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team