Beautiful curls on long hair

Beautiful curls on long hair

Hair curlers are tool by means of which it is possible to create beautiful curls which can become hairstyle basis on hair. It is important to twist hair so that curls have not broken up in several hours. For this purpose there are special secrets.

There are various types of hair curlers which can be wound on long hair. Usual hair curlers have the cylindrical form and are made of plastic. On the one hand the elastic band is attached to them to fix the wound hair. Hair curlers are an easily bending hair curlers. They have soft structure therefore they can be used at night. The hair curler is longer, the big lock of hair can be wound on it. To record hair on hair curler, it needs just to be bent. Other name of hair curlers - boomerangs. It is one of the most modern types of hair curlers which can be used on hair of any length.

One more modern tool for wave of long hair are thermohair curlers. Order of their use such: exempt the main part of hair curlers from the fixing part and place in the boiling water. Warm up hair curlers within 5-10 minutes. Then get one hair curlers from water, wind on it lock of hair and record. Thanks to heat the hair curl within 10-20 minutes. Remember that any heating badly is reflected in condition of hair therefore it is not necessary to abuse this type of wave.

The closest relative of thermohair curlers are electric hair curlers. They differ from each other only in way of heating.

Before twisting hair on hair curlers, it is necessary to wash them with shampoo and to comb. Hair have to be damp. Begin the procedure with the middle of the head. Separate hairbrush thin lock of hair. Its width has to equal to width of hair curlers. It is desirable to process lock mousse or other means for laying. Take hair curlers and reel up on it lock tip. Continue to wind lock in the direction up to the basis of the head. It is possible to twist lock inside or outside. It depends on your desire and future hairstyle. During twisting pull lock and do not allow separate hairs to be beaten out at the edges. Partially released locks can spoil hairstyle as they will be curled not up to the end.

If you are going to wind hair for the night, use foam hair curlers. Thanks to soft structure they do not crash into the head.

Hair curlers have to be located on the head short flight of stairs: one under another. In order that beautiful curls have turned out, it is necessary to wait so far hair will dry. When hair dry in the natural way, curls keep much longer. Long hair for drying need 8 hours. So, when hair will dry, accurately untwist hair curlers. If you need resistant curls, do not comb them. Distribute curls hands and set result by hairspray. If you want to receive volume, use massage brush. That curls kept longer, moisten them not with water during twisting on hair curlers, and beer or lemon juice. These liquids are fine fixers. And beer contains useful vitamins and protein which are necessary for elasticity and beauty of hair. About bad smell you can not worry as it very quickly disappears. Besides, it is possible to use gelatin solution for hair dressing. Put 1 tablespoon of gelatin in glass of warm water and let's it bulk up. At hairdressing on hair curlers moisten locks with the received liquid. Thanks to it curls will turn out resistant and elastic. Sugar water too perfectly is suitable for fixing of curls. Part 3 tablespoons of sugar in glass of water. Moisten with this liquid of lock before turning them on hair curlers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team