How to construct shower toilet at the dacha

How to construct shower toilet at the dacha

Dacha is vacation spot and relaxations for the modern person. But it is impossible to have good time without necessary amenities. The shower and toilet are the places, necessary for any person. As it is healthy after hours-long work on the site to rise under warm water jets and to wash away all fatigue!


1. Decide on the location of your construction on the site. As the drain hole will be its basis, dispose it closer to the road that special transport could approach and empty it if necessary. Try that the toilet was as it is possible further from well if that is available.

2. Dig out deep hole. Depth has to be not less than 1.5 meters. Impose walls with brick in chessboard order. In intervals between bricks liquid will be absorbed, but the earth will not litter it in that case. From above close hole densely, having left the hatch for pumping.

3. Make building frame over hole or near it. Its size will depend on desirable dimensions of shower and toilet. It is possible to make it of any materials, but the wooden bar is most often used.

4. Upholster framework with lining. Strengthen all plates exactly that there was no distortion. Internal part can be trimmed with boards too. Such design is not heated, i.e. functions only in warm season.

5. Roof roofing material or other material for roof. It should not proceed. The most convenient option is to do inclined roof that on it water did not accumulate. But it is inconvenient if you plan on it to place tank with water.

6. Buy toilet bowl and shower cabin. The first should be got surely, the shower can be made independently. Also the big tank for water will be required. It is fixed usually on roof. The volume of tank depends at most water pressure. The pressure is less, the more there has to be capacity that water was gathered in advance. The solar heat can be suitable for heating of water, and it is possible to buy the special heater.

7. Strengthen the bought equipment, carry out water to the building. Normal irrigation water for this purpose approaches. Also establish drains: pipes of average diameter which will remove everything in special hole which was dug out earlier. Consider that in toilet bowl and in pipes water should not stand. During the winter period it is necessary to merge it all that pipes have not burst.

8. Make interior finish of the room. After equipment installation, it is possible to paste over walls, to paint them or to subject to other processing. If the constructed showers and toilet are going to be used and in the winter, then it is necessary to warm the room in addition.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team