How to behave if the guy is younger

How to behave if the guy is younger

The age in the relations can be very important or not play any role for both partners. However situations when the girl is more senior than the guy are quite unusual. In such cases it is necessary to work more carefully not to offend self-esteem of the young man.


1. Do not hesitate of the fact that the guy is younger than you. Pay more attention not to age, but mentality of the young man, look as far as it suits you whether shares your interests, whether makes the contribution to the relations. Quite often more young people are specially romantic. If despite everything the guy seeks to be with you, so loves you, and it is the defining factor in the relations.

2. Behave reasonably. It is not necessary to arrange hysterics and scandals to your guy and also to be jealous him. Perhaps, the young man himself also worries about the fact that you do not perceive him seriously, and continuous reproaches in his address will even more increase this opinion.

3. Remember that the relations are capable to change people. Possibly, the young man will be under rather great influence of you as you have a little bigger life experience, more created position, etc. If you love the guy and want to construct with him the long relations, be very careful with words and acts not to become for it a negative example.

4. Try not to impose the tastes and habits to the guy as because of an age difference they can differ a little. Be patient and tactful. Gradually young man will begin to understand your interests and, perhaps, will also share them with you.

5. Use advantages that the gentleman is more junior than you. Try to look much younger. You watch the appearance and a figure, lead a healthy lifestyle, be loaded with energy and a positive from the young man.

6. Do not listen to your acquaintances and relatives who will try to condemn the similar relations. Such people are always. Listen only to your feelings and if you are really happy with this person, no age difference will be able to separate you any more.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team