How to close up slopes

After have established you window, your task is to be defined what slopes you prefer. The plastered slopes - on time longer process of finishing. But, the end result will please you with the thoroughness and durability.

  • - plaster mix
  • - putty
  • - abrasive paper
  • - soil
  • - paint
  • - roller
  • - brush

1. If you have decided to close up slopes plaster, then you should buy indicators and perforated corners. With their help you will make slopes equal. Both you can buy in hardware stores or in the markets.

2. To install indicators and corners on slopes, measure their height and cut off the necessary length scissors on metal. Prepare solution so that it was rather dense and floated. Moisten with water slopes and the palette impose solution hillocks at distance of 10 cm from each other. Take the indicator and drown it in solution so that it was parallel to window frame. Then put solution on edge of slope, take perforated corner, put it to slope and slightly drown in solution. Take level, put it to corner and safely expose on level. As soon as you expose indicators and corners on slopes, let's your design dry.

3. After solution stiffens, start plaster of slopes. Prepare solution as it is written on bag, moisten with water wall and evenly smear with the palette plaster mix on surface of slopes. Try to put solution so much that there were no blank spaces. If slopes very deep, then cover them with plaster mix for 2 times.

4. Take surplus of solution the aluminum rule of 100 cm in size. Make it so: put the rule to windowsill and undulating motions carry out by him up slope, leaning on the indicator and perforated corner. Remove excess mix from the rule the palette and if there is not enough solution, then add and again level surface the rule. Thus, you will bring slopes to equal state

5. After full drying of finishing mortar start puttying of slopes basic putty. Ground surface of slopes soil and let's dry out. Dissolve basic putty as it is written on package, and apply it with the palette on surface. After it dries out, to zashkurta and again ground slopes soil.

6. In order that cracks on plaster were not visible, paste on slopes glass canvas. Miss the mark surface with glue for vinyl wall coverings, put canvas and the wallpaper palette level cloth, distilling air from under canvas. Cut off surplus of canvas painting knife. After the canvas dries out, putty it finishing putty for 2 times – one will be not enough. Dry putty, zashkurta and ground soil to start painting of slopes.

7. You apply paint for 2 times. Stir paint in bank and pour in cuvette, it will be more convenient to you to work with the roller. Before painting with the roller, take away perimeter of slopes brush and only after that start to paint with the roller.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team