How to collect rack on balcony

How to collect rack on balcony

The correct organization of storage of things will make a lot of extra space for comfortable life. If to use balcony space for rack construction, it is possible to release scarce meters in the apartment.

Rack or cabinet - functional and practical construction which will help to systematize things in any room. 

To buy or build the hands?

If to design racks and cabinets the hands, it is possible to save on purchase and to receive guaranteed qualitative furniture. In free access there is set of drawings on the basis of which it is possible to construct similar cabinets or to modify them under the requirements.

Advantages of the device of cabinets on the balcony

  • contain many things;
  • excellent organizers for books, tools or ware;
  • provide order;
  • are additional space for seedling or flowers;
  • it is possible to store seasonal things;
  • it is possible to equip as the storeroom, etc.

Overview of types of balcony cabinets

Depending on constructional features, distinguish:

  • Case cabinets. This type of furniture represents ready modules which do not depend on walls of the room and do not demand additional fastening to surfaces. The cabinet can be moved and transferred if necessary, without sorting it on part;
  • Built-in racks. Such furniture has in design the supporting poles fastening to walls or ceiling and floor on which horizontal hinged regiments are established. It is convenient to use such designs for installation in niches. Racks allow to use most effectively space, are designed by the individual sizes;

Also cabinets can be separated on:

  • closed - furniture with doors (compartment, oar, rolling shutters, accordion);
  • combined (when the door hides only part of shelves);
  • opened - cabinets racks.

Types of similar furniture much. It is often possible to meet angular cabinets most of which economically spend balcony space.

Materials from which it is possible to collect balcony cabinet

Furniture for balconies and loggias, as well as for houses and apartments, can be designed from various raw materials. The following options are usually used:

  • tree;
  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • fibreglass, organic glass and so forth.

All these materials differ with utilization properties, external data and the price. What option to choose? Depends on your idea and assignment of rack. Often regiments and curbstones can be built from improvised material, it will be necessary only to buy the necessary accessories.


Approximately following set is required:

  • saw;
  • screw driver;
  • hammer;
  • tape measure
  • drill;
  • level;
  • screw-driver;
  • plumb;
  • abrasive paper;

The instruction how to collect rack on balcony

Planning of design is that moment of which it is impossible to lose sight. If you correctly distribute regiments, on your balcony both bicycles, and flowers, and tools and other things will be placed. So:

  • Visualize idea, make the sketch of desirable result. It is possible to look for ready designs of balconies on the Internet and to combine suitable options.!! The cabinet should not interfere with natural lighting!!
  • Carry out measurements (if you are going to build one rack, such measurements will be necessary: height from floor to ceiling, width from one wall to another, depth of shelves);
  • Draw future design taking into account margin of safety, note places of fastenings of shelves and other knots of furniture;
  • Mark what elements of cabinet you put in design. Normally it is two or four side pillars (or it is the racks playing role of walls at the same time), back wall, and number of shelves.

On the picture the built-in rack with decorative elements of finishing is shown;

  • Count and prepare accessories in necessary quantity;
  • Prepare space for installation of rack and for performance of work (if there is plinth, it needs to be dismantled);
  • If you as raw materials have chosen wood, process parts special means or paint, carry out other preparatory work with materials.
  • Cut, cut parts by in advance calculated sizes;
  • Start assembly.

Further we will consider assembly of cabinets when using the most popular options of materials.

Wooden or metal rack of open type

In example the instruction on simple wooden rack for niche is given (It is also possible to execute design from metalprofile). Prepare:

  • rectangular boards from dry tree 25 mm thick.!! When the heavy load on shelves is supposed, it is also better to make them of integral board but not chipboard!!;
  • bars for support;
  • metal corners will be necessary;
  • self-tapping screws (or nails).
  • On walls execute marking; 
  • With step 0.5 meters drill openings for rack frame fixture, insert into them dowels;
  • On bars also drill through holes drill of smaller diameter;
  • Fix frame from vertical bars or boards (length is equal to room height over floor) and horizontal (length is equal to niche width) by self-tapping screws. ! Back and front struts can be recorded metal corners to ceiling and floor! 
  • Note those places where hinged regiments will be located on wall!! Use hydrolevel to avoid distortions!!;
  • Drill openings for fastening of basic bars and fix them by self-tapping screws;
  • Check design for durability;
  • Fix the regiments prepared by the size (it is possible just to put from above on basic bars).
  • Execute finishing finishing (facing, painting).

In general, the rack is ready. If it is required to improve esthetic perception of furniture, it is possible to make doors.

Cabinet with doors

To hang oar doors, follows:

  • to make two cloths of equal length of plywood or board,
  • to process faces of future doors (it is possible to order lamination);
  • to mark places of fixing of hinges, 
  • to cut niches for fixing of metal plates of hinges;
  • to fix hinges on cloth of doors and on supporting surfaces;
  • to check correctness of performance of mounting (doors have to be closed and not to leave without hindrances of slots).

In the instruction the algorithm of works on assembly of the classical built-in rack is given. Making a start from basic design it is possible to design different options of cabinets, adjusting to the purposes (hinged, angular cabinet, transforming cabinet and so forth). It is possible to make not only regiments, but also drawers for storage  of things. For this purpose additional accessories and new calculations are required.

Design furniture for balcony the hands! On it it is possible to save and receive not bad convenient and functional cabinets for your purposes. Perform step by step all operations and in advance prepare all consumables and tools. Successful creativity!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team