How to collect table

How to collect table

The table is necessary subject in any house. it is necessary in the apartment, at the dacha, in the yard. But it is sometimes inexpedient to spend money for purchase of table. If you need unpretentious table for giving or kitchen garden if you are able to do something by hands, then you can independently try to collect table. At certain skills it can be done.

It is required to you

  • The trunks of the cut tree, boards, bars, screws and nails, varnish, mordant, saw, the hammer, cement slurry, gravel, waterproofing, PVA. glue cleaned from bark mordant, the nitrolacquer.


1. If you want to make table on the street, then at first have to prepare site under it. Choose the place and tshchetelno level this site. Then dig out four poles under support. Parts of the cut trunk will be the best support for country table. Only they should be cleaned from bark previously. Establish the support enveloped in waterproofing material in poles. Put them exactly and fill up poles with gravel, and then fill in with concrete. When concrete stiffens, dig support the earth and well stamp it. Now it is possible to start production of table-top.

2. Take very dry board and saw it on equal parts, having made preparations for future table-top. Then densely connect boards and attach them from below to two polished bars by means of screws or nails. These bars will hold table-top. Attach nails or screws table-top for bars to support. In general the table is ready. But it should be finished that it presentably looked and did not decay.

3. Grind table-top by means of the grinder. Cover all cracks and roughnesses with putty for tree. Cover surface of table and its leg with mordant, it is possible to impregnate them with anti-septic tank. After that ground table-top PVA glue or the nitrolacquer. Polish surface. Your table will look it not worse bought in shop.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team