How to connect additional tube

How to connect additional tube

If you have got additional tube to radio telephone of long-distance communication, it needs to be connected to the main device. Modern models of radio telephones allow to connect up to 15 tubes.


1. Having bought new figurative tube, first of all check whether it was used earlier. For this purpose press on it the END key. Really new tube should not join from this signal. If it really never was in the use, it needs to assign the code for safety.

2. If the code of safety needs to be reprogrammed, then perform the following operations: press and hold some time the END key. Then press and hold within about three seconds of the MEMO and END key. The tone signal will be distributed, and it means that the tube is ready to obtaining the new code.

3. Perform the following operations with the mainframe: for a start disconnect radio telephone power supply unit from the power supply network. Then press and hold the H1 button in such situation. After that make connections of power supply unit to network. In 3 seconds you will hear tone signal, namely: ""Do-Sol-Mi-Sol …"" which will sound within 10 seconds. At this time put your new figurative tube face up on the mainframe.

4. From tube the same tone signals ""Do-Sol-Mi-Sol will begin to sound …"" At this time the mainframe makes the procedure of automatic assignment and transfer of the code of safety to new figurative tube. After completion of this action you have to hear confirmation signals of ""Do-Mi-Sol"".

5. The quantity of the figurative tubes connected to the system of your phone automatically will increase by one unit. Number according to total number of the tubes of radio telephone connected to system will be assigned to new tube. Tubes of SENAO of various models have such type of connection. For phones of other firms there are algorithms of connection of additional tubes. It is possible to get acquainted with them in the instruction to the electronic device, on the website of manufacturer.

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