How to connect dish washer independently

How to connect dish washer independently

The dish washer often is limit of dreams of many housewives. The same who has bought it cannot rejoice on the new assistant. But that your dish washer long and reliably worked, it is important to establish correctly it and to connect. For connection of the machine it is possible to call the master, but it is possible to get along with this quite labor-consuming case independently.

1. For a start choose installation site of dish washer. It has to be located near the power supply network and water supply. If the machine which is built in, then you need to think of basic unit in which there will be your machine in advance.

2. Connect machine to the power supply network. For this purpose it is necessary to draw from board the separate grounded line of wires with the safety lock. T-couplers and extenders cannot be used when using of dish washer at all as the power consumption of dish washer is too big, and it can lead to breakage of the machine or even ignition.

3. Organize water supply in the machine. For this purpose on pipe with cold or hot water, depending on device model, you need to install the separate crane to which the jellied hose will fasten. The similar hose always goes complete with machine, but if you lack its length, it is possible to get another. Before connecting hose, surely open the crane that rusty water has flown down. After that connect hose.

4. Water drain can be directed to sink, to fix hose on the edge of sink by means of U-shaped guide. A little more difficult, but it is much more convenient to connect it to the sewerage at once – it will save you from water in sink and unpleasant smells in kitchen.

5. Surely check tightness of all connections and free arrangement of hoses, they should not be pressed or overwound. After all of you have made, establish dish washer into place. Check stability on horizontal level to exclude vibration. Now you can adjust functions of the device and start trial single start of dish washer. Even at trial start surely use conditioner and special means for dish washer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team