How to connect gas-fire

How to connect gas-fire

Carry out connection of plate to source of gas in in advance prepared well ventilated dry room. You make mounting of the device with use of the equipment which is included in its package. Pay the main attention to tightness of all connections.

It is required to you

  • - copper hose or flexible steel pipe;
  • - dielectric coupling with laying;
  • - gas pipe wrench.


1. Prepare the room for installation of the device. Equip it with ventilation system and exhaust system. If the plate is intended for the equipment in section of kitchen furniture, check compliance of the sizes of section and plate, if necessary adjust the section sizes. Use the kitchen furniture made of heat-resistant material. Arrange kitchen lockers so that they did not create hindrances when cooking.

2. Establish plate in kitchen section. Level it in the horizontal plane and adjust the upper edge of the device to level nearby of the standing lockers.

3. As the modern gas-fire allows to carry out set of additional operations, execute connection of plate to current network. Make sure of compliance of parameters of current network to the characteristics specified on the plate. The plate usually is located under device cover. Check grounding of supply line and include electric cord of plate in the socket.

4. Make sure of compliance of pressure and type of gas to characteristics of plate. Connect plate to gas network by means of flexible steel hose or copper pipe through reducing socket. Check tightness of connection with use of soap solution. Make sure that connection has been executed without any tension.

5. Check functioning of the device. At fault detection immediately disconnect plate and block gas supply. Eliminate the revealed fault.

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