How to construct brazier at the dacha

How to construct brazier at the dacha

In recent years owners of seasonal dachas, arranging well the site, allocate the place for recreation area and place braziers for preparation of shish kebabs and barbecue. And how to construct brazier?

1. Collect all unnecessary and long ago the forgotten scraps of metal sheets, estimate the optimum sizes of future brazier and outline the drawing.

2. When all materials are picked up, build brazier with two levels. Make the operating height about about 15 cm and the additional level of 23 cm (if the heat is too strong for any dish).

3. Now weld three parties of brazier from corner, and leave the fourth open. Make of armature by means of the welding machine support in the form of wide letter H which will freely move on 2 parallel parties of brazier and to allow to use skewers of the different sizes. On the third party through each 6 cm saw through openings of 1 cm in depth and 6 mm wide.

4. Pay attention: on the end of each skewer there is twisted neck which, being placed in such cut, allows to turn skewer on any corner, so the dish will be fried evenly thoroughly from all directions.

5. In case when it is necessary to prepare small amount of food and especially it is not necessary to fill all area of brazier with coals, use refractory bricks. Partition off them half of box. While firewood burns through, the ceramics will well get warm, and then will evenly give heat.

6. For convenience use of brazier make corners of legs about 65 cm long, and for its movement weld on handle sides, enveloped by scraps of watering hose.

7. For big sites construct the most acceptable option – stationary brazier which is built from mass concrete, brick or concrete blocks. Make it separately or put to wall.

8. In order that it has not warped after winter frosts and was steadier, flood the base not less than 50 cm in depth. Before brazier build the small site covered by concrete tile. Arrange brazier at the height of 65-75 cm from ground level. Below, under concrete slab, leave the place for drovnitsa, and over brazier establish flue with pipe.

9. For evening lighting before brazier at the height of 170 cm attach the lamp or lamp suspended on the metal console.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team