How to construct canopy at the dacha

How to construct canopy at the dacha

The canopy at the dacha is necessary for protection of property, people or the car against the sun and rains. Approximate time of its construction – 2 days if you do everything alone. The canopy can be constructed separately from other constructions or to attach to the capital building – to country house, the shed or garage.

It is required to you

  • - wooden columns;
  • - boards, bar;
  • - roofing material;
  • - roofing nails, screws


1. Mark the space for construction of canopy on the seasonal dacha. Height of construction do not less than two meters, the sizes – depending on its purpose. On each side from the building you can make stock in 1.5-2 m. For installation choose firm horizontal surface. If on the site there is no such surface, make concrete foundation. At the same time the sizes of the base have to be less basis of canopy that the rain water which is flowing down from roof could be absorbed to the earth. Instead of it it is possible to lay out plates on sandy layer so that the canopy was located accurately over them. Surely level plates.

2. On perimeter of the basis drive columns on depth not less than 80 cm. Having made poles and having put in them columns, fill in them crushed stone and stamp. The distance between them has to be not less than 75 cm, and corner to the canopy basis – 90 degrees. For independent construction wooden columns are often used. Surely process them protective equipment of wood and dry.

3. Place the basis of canopy on the base or the laid-out plates. On columns establish cross overlappings and fix them. If the design has the big sizes, establish one more or several top overlappings. They increase durability and reliability of design. Establish them between edge apertures. Adjust side columns so that they stood strictly vertically. The square check all corners. They have to equal to 90 degrees. For adjustment of future canopy weaken beams on roof and the hammer level columns. After final adjustment strengthen position of joints of side columns with cross-pieces steel corners.

4. Make furring and roof of boards. Establish single-pitch roof at a small angle. If canopy roof twin, the roofing material has to be enough not only for roof slopes, but also for top which will cover slopes and to hide joint. Bottom edges have to support limits of the perimeter outlined by side columns, not less than on 50 mm and also hang down below edge of the lowermost overlappings not less than on 75 mm. That the acting part of roof has found good durability, strengthen it side bars which attach to canopy framework.

5. Roofing material to roof you fix galvanized roofing nails at distance not less than 300 mm. On each side and from below this distance has to be not less than 100 mm. On gable roof after fixing of roofing material on both slopes to the very top put top so that edges went down on both slopes. Smooth and fix top. On corners extend roofing material so that the triangle has turned out. Then wrap it in any party and fix.

6. If necessary establish decorative rails, fillets and angular finishing. Also make hood with small bias and the trench for drain of rain water.

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