How to construct sauna at the dacha

How to construct sauna at the dacha

Visit of steam room has beneficial influence on organism: takes off fatigue, is prophylactic from various diseases, etc. All this equally belongs both to the Russian bath, and to sauna. The last began to enjoy wide popularity because of the universality: it can be equipped in the house or to construct separately from premises. In the presence of giving you with ease can implement any project of sauna.

It is required to you

  • - construction materials;
  • - tools;
  • - fixture.


1. For a start decide where the sauna will be located, its area will depend on it. If the seasonal dacha of the small size, it is possible to equip steam room directly in the house. In other case construct sauna separately from it.

2. Think over the project. Draw planning in the form of the sketch or the drawing with the indication of the sizes. It will help to avoid mistakes during construction. Besides, by means of the plan you will be able optimum to pick up the place for installation of the furnace and benches.

3. Having decided to make sauna in the country house, choose the room. The penthouse or the basement (in the presence of there good ventilation) will become optimal variant. Begin work with attachment to walls and ceiling of teploparoizolyatsionny materials, for example, of mineral wool and aluminum foil. Then make furring. And for production of framework on walls take wooden bars, and for ceiling – wide boards as they will spring less at covering their lining.

4. The next stage – mounting of electrical wiring. Over the number of lamps and their arrangement you can dream up. And here entrust connection of electric equipment to professionals if you are not electrician, incorrectly connected wiring can become cause of the fire.

5. Then you pass to finishing with pair lining from deciduous or coniferous breeds. In cabin make bench, plank bed and put wooden grid on floor if it is tiled.

6. For separate sauna at first lay the foundation (tape or column) depending on soil type. Do not forget to make waterproofing of several layers of roofing material or roofing felt. Only then put up walls from any materials: brick, stone, tree also establish roof. Then sheathe bath outside. Fill space between covering and wall with heater, wind-shelter and impervious material. Further, at interior finish, act according to the above plan.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team