How to couch seeds of tomatoes: useful tips

How to couch seeds of tomatoes: useful tips

Most of gardeners sow seeds of tomatoes on seedling dry, however preliminary preparation of grains improves viability of plants. Before landing in boxes or separate tanks the kernels need to be pickled, tempered in the fridge and to process in growth factors. Methods of preparation of seed material there is set, but before carrying out the main works it is necessary will take care of quality of grain.

As it is correct to pick up seeds

When choosing tomatoes for cultivation on own personal plot it is necessary to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Climatic features of the region. The chosen grade has to be adapted to specific conditions.
  • Method of cultivation of culture. In the southern areas of our country the seeds of tomatoes sow to the open ground at once. In midland the cultivation of tomatoes begins at the end of winter or in the spring with receiving seedling that reduces vegetation of culture in the open ground or hotbed. For development in the greenhouse it is necessary to select specially intended grades.
  • Exterior of bush of plant. Indeterminantny tall grades more will be suitable for hothouse rooms, they need garter to lane or separately standing support. Determinant tomatoes are simple in leaving, grow up them on beds in the open ground.

Other criteria for selection of grade of tomatoes depend on specific preferences of the gardener. Here it is necessary to consider the size, purpose and form and also tastes of fruits.

How to prepare seed material for prorashchivaniye

Each gardener has own way of preparation of grains of tomato for landing, but we will get acquainted with the simplest option. For a start it is necessary to place seeds in water and to remove the emerged elements. After that quality raw materials place for day in vinegar solution 0.8% of concentration. Further seeds disinfect in potassium permanganate solution (20%) for 15-20 minutes.

Keeping of grains in the water which is warmed up up to 60 degrees within 35-30 minutes will help to accelerate formation of germ. At the next stage of works the seeds are couched in the small vessel filled with water at temperature of +25 … +27 degrees. Now it is necessary to temper seed material in the fridge for two days. The similar procedure improves immunity of plants in relation to many diseases.

Special attention needs to be paid on prorashchivaniye of seeds of tomatoes. The normal gauze or cotton fabric is for this purpose used. The rag is dimmed on saucer or tray, then fill in small amount of warm water. From above thin uniform layer spread seeds and cover them with damp fabric. The plate is installed indoors with temperature of +25 … by +27 degrees before emergence of shoots.

During prorashchivaniye, fabric has to be constantly in the humidified state, otherwise sprouts will dry up. For acceleration of shoots add growth factor or juice of aloe to liquid. It is necessary to remember that kernels sprout unevenly, in this regard the sprouted seeds at once sow in nutritious substrate.

Nuances of crops of tomatoes on seedling

Germinated kernels sow in the general box or separate tanks that allows to avoid sword-play of young plants. Irrespective of the chosen way the process of crops of seed material in nutritious substrate is identical:

  • In the chosen tanks fill drainage, and then prime quality land up to 6 centimeters thick. The soil is slightly stamped and loosened.
  • At crops of previously prepared grains in box do superficial furrows at distance of 5 centimeters from each other.
  • At crops in plastic cups or peat pots in each of tanks bury on three sunflower seeds. After germination choose the strongest plant, the others prishchipyvat.
  • After crops the kernels fill up with friable nutritious substrate and spray water from spray. Further capacity is covered with transparent film and establish in the warm room with temperature of +23 … +25 degrees.

After germination of seeds the shelter is removed. It is necessary to place tanks or glasses on well lit windowsill in this period.

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