How to count cubic capacity of round timber

How to count cubic capacity of round timber

Upon purchase of round timber for construction there is need of its calculation. Of course, logging enterprises provide services in calculation, but calculation is made by employees of the same logging enterprises that steadily leads to disagreements in calculations.


1. To calculate cubic capacity of round timber, it is possible to use special tables – kubaturnik of ISO 4480-83 and GOST 2708-75. You should measure only diameter of the top face of log and its length, and then on the provided tables to find its cubic capacity. Putting consistently cubic capacities of all logs, you will find the general cubic capacity of the round timber bought by you.

2. On the Internet there is set of rated programs at which you can calculate cubic capacity of round timber, without using the table, and only measuring diameter and length of logs. Tables are already introduced in programs. However, it is not always convenient.

3. There is one more measuring method of cubic capacity of round timber – recalculation of stacked cubic meter in dense cubic meter. It is necessary as retail prices usually are established for dense cubic capacity.

4. Sort business the croaker on two groups longwise: up to 2 m of length inclusive and more than 2 m. Lay the croaker in stack, alternating the thick and thin ends alternately in the opposite directions.

5. Laying short gorbylya with joining longwise is allowed. You watch that the stack had identical height on all length, the most dense laying and equal right angles.

6. Increase the average length of stack by its height and width. The received digit will be stacked cubic capacity of round timber.

7. Increase digit of stacked cubic capacity by the corresponding coefficient to receive the mass of dense cubic capacity: coefficient for neoradical gorbylya up to 2 m – 0.48, more than 2 m long – 0.43; coefficient for barked gorbylya up to 2 m – 0.56, more than 2 m long – 0.50.

8. Of course, you can entrust calculation of cubic capacity to warehouse workers, but does not prevent check correctness of calculations nevertheless. It in your interests.

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