How to put gas concrete

How to put gas concrete

The gas concrete has number of indisputable advantages before other construction materials. These are blocks which well keep heat and also do not bring trouble at laying.

It is required to you

  • Cement, sand, rope, construction level and plumb, gas-blocks.


1. Make cement slurry in the ratio: 1 parts of cement, 3 parts of sand. Such mix should be used for laying of the first row. It is better to stack other ranks on special glue or solution for laying.

2. Begin construction of walls from gas concrete with building corners. As well as during the work with normal bricks, observe laying seams.

3. Check the vertical and horizontal planes of the block. Do it by means of special plumb and construction level.

4. Stretch rope between the gas concrete blocks forming edges of future wall. It is necessary to fix it to the top corners of blocks. The rope has to be tense ideally exactly therefore use level.

5. Stack one block behind another, being guided by rope level. Regulate height of laying seam that the surface of the first row of blocks was plain. The quality of laying of all wall, and respectively and buildings in general depends on it.

6. Check via each two-three rows of blocks the level of wall both horizontal, and vertical. In certain cases the wall can be displaced aside. This situation can be corrected easily. It is necessary to return blocks into place, having slightly struck them with trowel.

7. Provide mechanical ventilation in the course of construction. It will accelerate drying of blocks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team