How to cover grapes at winter

How to cover grapes at winter

Many summer residents grow up various grades of grapes on the personal plot. Sharp temperature drops are capable to destroy all work of gardeners and harvest. Therefore it is necessary to cover grapes for the winter in the fall, thus you protect it from frosts, and you should not grow up in the spring it from the zero.


1. Temperature in-4 degrees – is considered allowable limit for the shelter of grapes with winter hardiness of rod of 16-18 degrees. There are no exact calendar terms of the shelter, it is necessary to be guided on weather. Approximately from the middle of October and to the middle of November.

2. Lay pine branches on the soil along grapes bushes. The rod needs to be connected previously in compact bunches and to lay on branches. Take wire, make hooks of 6-8 millimeters and kind of sew rod bunches to the soil. From above cover with the same branches in two layers or in advance dried up and prepared cane. It remarkably keeps heat and can serve many years, besides, in cane mice are not got. The main thing, do not forget it to dry properly in the spring. From above cover grapes with roofing material or film, rubber slate or old linoleum. Further powder all this cover at the edges with the earth or put bricks.

3. There is one more way of the shelter of grapes which many summer residents use. Thanks to it the grapevine remains dry throughout all winter. Put polyethylene film or parabarrier under bush, it is necessary in order that sawdust did not involve moisture from the soil. Bend bushes of grapes and fill up with sawdust, from above cover with sheets of slate. That's all, the plant is packed from all directions, in the winter it will take cover also snow and will live up to spring.

4. Very often it happens so that you have just forgotten to cover grapes or were not in time. The earth has already frozen, and the cane and straw could not be taken or not time. In this case it is possible to use such nonwoven fabrics as lutrasit or spunbond with which it is necessary to wrap up sleeves and rods.

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