How to create having autowatered with the hands

How to create having autowatered with the hands

The full-fledged system of autowatering - difficult engineering construction. It is clear, what will be better, if for your site professionals are engaged in its creation. However, it is real to execute correct mounting of the simplest option independently.

Having autowatered with spraying machines

Before addressing professionals, carefully plan everything. For example, make the schematic plan of your site. The important value will have its area. Designate in the drawing of zone most of which need regular watering. Outline on the scheme compasses sectors which have to capture spraying machines. Consider various needs for water at plants.

Spraying machines can be statistical or rotor type. Some are established in corners and on zone borders, and others in the center of the covered site. For example, rotor spraying machines are developed for watering of big open areas. Irrigation is made by the directed stream from upper part of the rotating rotor. Optimum radius of watering is chosen by replacement snuffled which are delivered in set. These spraying machines are irreplaceable on big sites.

Statistical spraying machines are distinguished on the body height, quality of nozzle, availability of the shameful valve. Management can be regulated only by one valve or stream of electromagnetic valves. They are necessary if the statistical spraying machine is installed on the site with height differences. Important role in the system of watering will be played by the special controller. It can be programmed taking into account number of various factors. All this will be considered by experts who will be engaged in creation of autowatering for your site. It is clear, that this system is not really cheap. But count benefit which will be brought to you by full harvest and cut in expenditure of water on irrigation.

We create the drop irrigation system

Drop irrigation can be more economic way of autowatering. Its creation will require water supply source. It can be well or holding tank. The tape of drop watering will be necessary. For example, hose or thin tube on which all length, equally spaced, small openings will be made. It is possible to buy the pressure adjuster also. He will be responsible for constant, uniform distribution of the arriving water. Do not forget to install the special filter in capacity. If about several beds or beds are going to distribute the system of drop irrigation, the irrigating tape will need to be connected to capacity by means of adjustable pipe. Then various connectors, adapters, stubs, collars, unions and fitting will be necessary.

Autowatering for seedling

It is even simpler to prepare the systems of avtopliv for seedling. For one plant you will need haydite, plastic bottle and lace. In cover from plastic bottle make opening by means of pricker or other suitable sharp object. Knife bottle stationery in half. Pass lace throughout cover and screw it into place, on funnel (upper part). screw cover. In funnel fill haydite layer. Then earth mix, suitable for your plants. Pour water into the second part of bottle. Establish in it funnel with the planted plant. Do not forget to control regularly height of water in the system of autowatering.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team