How to decorate entrance to the house

How to decorate entrance to the house

The entrance to the house makes the first impression about its owners. And of course, the territory in front of the house has to be not only convenient, but also beautiful. By means of several design receptions it can be changed, without spending many forces and time. And of course, it is necessary to consider that the decor of entrance to the house has to be according to uniform general style of the house and the site adjoining to it.

It is required to you

  • - door handle;
  • - door hammer;
  • - masonry paint;
  • - wooden rails;
  • - polycarbonate;
  • - decorative lamps;
  • - eksteryerny daisy;
  • - garden lamps on solar batteries;
  • - cachepot;
  • - stones (river pebble or sea small stones);
  • - curtain or blinds;
  • - garden sculptures.


1. Begin with outer door. Change the door handle. Hang up door hammer, it will play not so much functional how many decorative role.

2. Get masonry paint, having carefully picked up color. Paint all elements involved in alteration (door, canopy, handrail, etc.). Dare, experiment, combine colors, be not afraid of use of bright shades. The door and other surfaces can cardinally change, thanks to your courageous imagination.

3. Canopy over door. Increase its size by means of the easy rails which are hanging down out of canopy limits. Attach on them transparent polycarbonate of the pleasant color. Under canopy place illumination (daisy for exteriors) and decorative lamps.

4. Place lighting equipment over outer door, with gate. It not only is beautiful, but also it is convenient. The various lamps equipped with solar batteries enjoy special popularity now. Use them for illumination of paths and beds.

5. If the site and steps are protected with handrail, suspend on them small cachepots with flowers. On both sides from steps arrange 2 flowerpots in which depending on season it is possible to change plants (in the summer and in the spring - flowers, in the fall - branches, in the winter - fir-trees).

6. The path conducting to outer door. It can be decorated, or even to expand thanks to the pebbles laid at the edges. By means of flower plants create live borders on both sides of path. At selection of plants consider time of their blossoming, height and form.

7. In improvement of this territory the kind service will be served by pergolas. Such construction can be placed over gate or bench. In the summer the pergola is decorated with climbers, and daisies in the winter shining.

8. Build terrace if the sizes of the site involved in alteration allow to make it. The sizes of terrace can be rather small, containing couple of chairs or garden chairs, whenever possible tea table. Decorate vertical surfaces of terrace with flowers in cachepot, lamps or decorative lamps. Hang up curtains or establish blinds. Use garden sculptures, they can be combined successfully in composition with flowers.

9. The bench at entrance to the house will convincingly tell about your hospitality. It is possible to arrange it both at gate, and under canopy. The bench can be both static, and mobile (figurative). In the neighbourhood with bench flowers and garden sculptures will successfully look. Happy to you alterations!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team