How to get on with favourite introverts?

How to get on with favourite introverts?

Introverts often draw attention of an opposite sex. Not talkative, not emotional "on public", they seem mysterious and full of the hidden nobility, unpretentious and comfortable in the relations. But whether so it?

If fate brought together you with the introvert, it is a great luck for those who dream of equal, harmonious relationship, does not attach fundamental significance to social career and everything that is connected with it. But in order that these relations became stronger and did not disappoint – it is necessary to learn to understand the introvert and not to provoke what can complicate and spoil these relations. Otherwise you risk to get into a situation of "the deceived expectations".

The love of the introvert is worth a lot. People of this type enter the serious relations, as a rule, for a long time, do not squander the vital energy on thoughtless flirtation and communications "on the party". In the conflicts the introverts do not kindle hostility fire, and the reserve given by nature does not allow them to discuss the partners behind the back and especially – they do not give "negative estimates" to the partners in heart-to-heart talks with strangers.

For introverts important that at home it was cozy and safe. They are silent and love silence. Their silence is not connected with discontent or indifference, they enjoy society of the loved one, irrespective of verbal communication. It is enough to them know that the favourite being is near, and they are tired of a talk. Therefore you should not "load" them empty chatter, gossips and love recognitions, expecting mutual behavior, "love cooing" - not their elements.

For such people public places in burden, they test psychological tension in crowded places where there is a need to contact to unfamiliar people. The loving introvert can "creep out" of comfortable "shell" to go with you on a visit or to keep the company at a corporate party. But if you feel as "fish in water" on such actions, it tires introverts. After the noisy party the introvert needs a privacy to restore balance and energy in silence. It is better to put discussion of new acquaintances or aspiration to share impressions in such time away for later and to reduce to a minimum.

For normal life with the introvert the habit to listen to the interlocutor, to listen to his words can become invaluable. The introvert will patiently listen to you, but can take offense if his words are not heard. Try not to interrupt the introvert, do not forget that the conversation is a dialogue, and not just your monologue.

Living side by side with the introvert, it is necessary to learn the correct information transfer. Such people are tired of chatter, excessive theatricality and emotionality. Retelling others dialogues, try to give an essence, do not imitate others intonation – it will irritate the introvert. Telling something to the introvert, it is better to avoid fine insignificant details, placing emphasis on important and main.

Introverts do not love disputes, criticism, too active objections and in general conflict communication. The discussion with the introvert can become the real pleasure if to turn it into a quiet conversation. And the dispute with voices raised or categorical cavils to his words, the ideas and acts will cause in it fatigue, offense or boredom. In such cases the introverts usually "retire into oneself" trying to be fenced off psychologically from the interlocutor. If such situations are frequent, in the relations there can be an alienation and cooling.

Be accurate in words. It is easy to injure the introvert roughness. The impressionability makes him vulnerable. He can not show it, but will worry secretly. Offensive words are remembered by such people for a long time and if awkward situations in communication repeat, you risk to appear "behind a board" the relations, he will just become isolated and it will be more difficult to expect his sincerity. You appreciate openness of such people, they open not to everyone.

Strangely enough, introverts often fall in love with extroverts. They are capable to admire you when you include charm "to the full extent", but have unpleasant feelings if they see that their partner begins "to flaunt" before foreign people to be pleasant to all without analysis.

The inner world of the introvert is rich and invisible to people around. If you become a part of its internal Universe – can be sure: there nobody else will not take your place. But violently you should not encroach on its personal space, he will not apprehend dictatorship, control and the careless attitude towards his personality, habits and time.

Introverts have great sense of humour which reveals in a circle of relatives. The introvert will not begin "to spark" jokes in the presence of strangers, and frivolous humour or sarcasm, sneers in someone's, and especially – in your or address, the introvert will not understand and will not forgive. Moreover, the rancor is often peculiar to such people. Also be not surprised if it returns then poisonous "hairpins" to the address – thinly, prudently and terribly, by means of perfectly been loss for words.

In the sphere of close relations the introverts do not differ in shamelessness, do not love excessive roughness and forwardness, but it conducted thin pleasures. Reticent, it love more game of touches, tactile feelings, do not hurry anywhere and more often think of the partner, than of themselves. Therefore be not afraid to express gratitude in precious minutes of proximity and to open for the introvert the secret desires. The trust will pay off, especially in such delicate questions as intimate communication.

For introverts important that the loved one was happy, differently they feel restlessness and can fall into melancholy. Know that darling is happy near them – it is equivalent for these people of confidence that they are loved, and the relations are strong. If you show cold or to do "an unfortunate look", trying to press or manipulate psychologically the introvert, you inflict on it suffering. But introverts are harmonious at heart, and at some point you risk to encounter sincere armor of indifference. And here then you will not get at the introvert either hysterics, or tears. Trying to be protected from obvious or implicit aggression (and any demonstration of negative feelings is aggression manifestation), your partner can "leave on a bottom" and will cease to react to your causticities and reproaches. It does not mean that he will not have sense of guilt for yours "the spoiled life". Just introverts have low "pain threshold" and to try his patience thus – is unsafe for the relations. Such people long suffer, save inside emotional "garbage" which in it is thrown by relatives. But if there is an emotional explosion – it will be extremely difficult to return to the former trusting and easy relationship, and sometimes – and it is impossible.

The introvert himself will not destroy the relation. Everything that will destroy them – will be made your hands, words, on your initiative. Introverts seldom go for break in relations de facto. If at home an intolerable situation – they just tightly become reserved, sometimes – find communication "on the party", but never advertize it. But if such partners decide to leave, then it, as a rule – forever. You appreciate own happiness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team