How to decorate walls in the house

How to decorate walls in the house

Dressing of walls – the most extensive empty space in interior – becomes frequent difficult task. The choice of accessories and their placement time is postponed indefinitely. That the interior looked complete and made whole, it is possible to use one of set of modern options of decoration of walls.


1. By means of the posters and photopictures made by plasticization of photos in the form of panels for walls it is possible to make interesting multimeter panels. This option of decor of walls enjoys wide popularity in view of wide choice of images. Besides, the photopanel is excellent alternative to wallpaper cloth.

2. The decorative plates throughout many centuries used for decoration of interior look rather unusually. It can be collection of the plates brought from the different countries or the special souvenir sets sustained in one color gamma. The plates various on style, the size and color will create interesting effect of randomness. Walls of kitchen can be decorated not only with plates, but also such "extreme" objects as bottles with wine, frying pans and pans, cutting boards of various forms and composition from tableware.

3. Such, apparently, banal objects as mirrors and hours, can be art objects too. A little various in form and the size of mirrors will introduce play of light in your interior. Clock on wall can be hung for each family member or to make so that they showed different time.

4. Empty framework on wall – one of the most unusual decisions. They can be painted one color and to group in form, or, on the contrary, chaotically. The main thing is to create harmonious composition and to avoid museum effect. Framework can differ not only material, color and form, but also to be simply drawn on wall.

5. Main "candidates" for decoration of walls of the nursery is, of course, children's drawings. Besides, the drawing can be applied on walls by means of cliche.

6. Be not afraid to dream: as ornament for walls it is possible to use anything. The collection of coins or bus tickets, bunches of keys, composition from seashells or the remains of ceramic tile, tennis rackets, ties and hats – such decor will be original and will not involve big costs. Besides, if desired, compositions on walls can be changed, without waiting for the next repair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team