How to do correction of eyelashes

How to do correction of eyelashes

increased eyelashes are capable to make look of any woman attractive and mysterious. But, unfortunately, such cilia are short-lived and demand timely correction. As to do such correction of eyelashes?


  1. Just before the procedure of correction it is necessary to remove all cosmetics for about century, and from eyelashes very carefully to wash away ink. If you carry lenses, then for the period of carrying out correction they are recommended to be removed. Besides, it is undesirable to twist cilia approximately in 2 days prior to the procedure.
  2. Then you go to salon, it is desirable besides to the master who carried out building. It is recommended because if the expert competent, then he already has managed to study features of structure of your eyelashes and nuances of work with them.
  3. First of all the master has to perform careful inspection of eyelashes. They are updated within two-three weeks. During this time old filaments drop out. On free space new grow. As on each natural eyelash has been pasted artificial, it drops out together with own. The expert also has to estimate the number of the dropped-out eyelashes. On each grown eyelash it is necessary to increase new, artificial. In it the point of procedure of correction also consists.
  4. Glue the master has to use the same which was used at eyelash extension for holding procedure. If such glue is not available any more, then it is necessary to pick up another, the same quality. Besides, it is necessary to make sure previously that the client has no allergic reactions to this gluing structure.
  5. After all these subtleties are considered, it is possible to pass directly to correction. The procedure rather simple. Then, if you used the Japanese building, then by means of tweezers each eyelash is put to natural and fixed by the gluing structure. If eyelashes were increased by bunches, then correction is made also by bunches.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team