How to draw equal arrows

How to draw equal arrows

are not only window to the soul, but also the main weapon of the woman in fight for male attention. Often to make them more expressive, shooters are used. Depending on color and eye shape of arrow can be thick and thin, black and multi-colored. However the main task in drawing similar make-up is in drawing equal arrows.

It is required to you

  • So, to make make-up in the spirit of Cleopatra, you need well ground pencil for eyes. Most often for drawing of arrows use semi-soft pencils. Soft will be smeared too, and firm can scratch eyelid. Besides, near at hand there have to be shadows of corporal and dark color, Q-tips and also mascara.
  • It is necessary to impose make-up in well lit place.


  1. At first it is necessary to apply a few shadows of corporal color on mobile eyelid. It becomes in order that the pencil was not smeared and has not begun to flow.
  2. Then we start drawing of the arrow. For this purpose it is worth recording hand, for example, it is possible to lean elbow on table. One more important condition, this drawing arrows on half-open eyelid. It is necessary at once to see all roughnesses of make-up. It is necessary to draw arrow closer to ciliary edge, it will help to make visually eyelashes more dense. At first it is necessary to draw thin line, and then as required to make it thicker. There are several ways of drawing arrows. Some prefer to begin portrayal with the middle of the century, others move from the inner edge of eye in external.
  3. Touch-up it is necessary to lift surely arrow tip up. Otherwise eyes can take form sad and lowered. If arrows, in your opinion, look uneven, then it can be corrected by means of dark eye shadow and thin brush. The indispensable condition when drawing arrows is dark long eyelashes which ink will help to get. Otherwise the make-up can seem incomplete.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team