How to eliminate chloroz plants

How to eliminate chloroz plants

At chloroza in leaves of plants the formation of chlorophyll is broken and also the activity of photosynthesis is reduced. The turned yellow falling-down leaves, the dried-out tops of escapes which have died off active roots are results of chloroz.

Usually it develops because of infections, the wrong care for plants and also in cases of adverse weather conditions or improper soils. Both at people, and at plants of disease it is better to prevent, than to treat. For example, at infectious chloroz of landing, most likely, it is necessary to destroy completely as the disease is caused by viruses, wreckers of plants, fungi, microorganisms, and practically does not recover. Here early processing from wreckers is necessary.

Non-infectious chloroz it is most often caused by lack of iron. Lime in the soil does iron badly acquired for roots of plants. It also leads to violation of education in chlorophyll leaves. The same occurs at zinc and magnesian chloroz of plants. In different degree at these shortcomings the leaves of trees and top of escapes become yellow.

Iron vitriol at the rate of 1 kg on 60 buckets of water helps to eliminate iron defect of the soil. Also medicine antikhlorozin, the being 10-12 percentage solution of brown color is applied to treatment of limy chloroz. They are recommended to cure fruit-trees, flower cultures and ornamental shrubs, grapes. It is possible both to water with Antikhlorozin the soil, and to spray plants. Medicine consumption rate – 100-200 g on 10 l of water when spraying plants and 200 g on the same amount of water when entering into the soil. Under trees more young 10 years it is necessary to pour 20-25 liters of solution, 10 years – 30 liters are more senior, under flowers it is necessary to bring from 100 to 400 g of solution. At the same time it is impossible to spray antikhlorozin on all surface of the soil. It needs to be brought through holes, grooves, wells and grooves which it is necessary to have evenly. Under fruit-trees they should not go beyond krone projection. Antikhlorozin gives rather fast effect, and in two-three weeks the leaves considerably turn green. One-time use of medicine gives effect on two – four years.

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