How to equip the spring

How to equip the spring

The place where there can be underground waters, can be defined visually. If you find such town on the allotment, then can equip own spring. Of course, it is necessary to work, but it is worth it!

It is required to you

  • - Reinforced concrete rings;
  • - pipes;
  • - clay;
  • - sand and gravel;
  • - reinforced concrete cover.


1. Find allotment where underground waters are especially close. It can be defined at different times years, even in the winter. In the summer during drought you will find it on green grass among the withered and burned-out vegetation, on availability of hygrophilous plants, such as sedge, cane. In the evening here mosquitoes, and in the morning fog gather. In the winter the proximity of source is given by sleets on snow cover and thawed patches. In the spring the spring can be found on long not drying out earth.

2. It is possible if you have so much time and patience, by means of trees to lift water from depth. For this purpose plant quite large number of hygrophilous trees - alder, willow, poplar white, aspen. It is necessary to plant them so that in the middle there was circle for the spring. In nine years trees the roots as pumps, will lift underground water from depth. Dig out hole, and from it water will hammer! Than trees and the their are closer to each other more, the and the spring is stronger.

3. It is better to take water from the spring by means of the kaptazhny camera. Such camera will provide you water supply, necessary for economic domestic needs. Usually it is ring from reinforced concrete which is put over spring getting out of breed. Intake of water happens through the clay or concrete pipes going to the kaptazhny camera, and in its lower part do openings for water intake. Drains protect water intaking pipes from water pollution clay pillow and fill up with sand-gravel mix.

4. Establish overflow pipe to avoid overflow of the camera. At the exit of this pipe make funnel for intake of water. In the camera make two offices - cleaning and accumulative. Block accumulative office plate from reinforced concrete and build blind area around. It is necessary to provide impossibility of hit of the soil in water, for this purpose do isolation of walls and roof of the camera, for example, the lock of quite rich clay, etc.

5. Equip spring exit to surface with well type construction, it is obligatory with roof. Sometimes it is necessary to go behind water with the cart, provide good approach to water source.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team