How to fertilize horse manure

How to fertilize horse manure

Horse manure is considered one of the best organic fertilizers due to ability not only to supply the soil with nutrients, but also to improve its structure. Manure well holds moisture and stirs up activity of useful microorganisms that is very important for infertile soils.

Fertilizing of the soil horse manure provides supply of plants with necessary useful substances. Besides, horse manure is capable to heat effectively soil that is valuable quality at its use on the cold and clay soils needing the fastest and intensive warming up.

If manure is used in greenhouses and hotbeds as the biofuel combined with fertilizer, then previously remove the top soil layer from beds, 30 cm thick. Over bed with the removed soil stack horse manure and carefully spill it hot water. To destroy the microorganisms capable to do to plants harm, each bed is in addition watered with weak solution of potassium permanganate. After these procedures over manure fill 10-centimeter layer of prime quality land with introduction of wood ashes and accurately mix the soil and level. Beds cover with polyethylene film, leave for 2 days then sow seeds of plants.

As fertilizer horse manure best of all will suit the following fruit and vegetable cultures: to potatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, pumpkin, squash. If to feed up these plants the fresh, not rerotting manure, then the best time for its entering into the soil the fall is considered. Fresh manure contains many undigested plants in stomach of horse which can sprout on beds in the form of weeds subsequently therefore in the spring for fertilizer it is recommended to use manure only in the liquid state.

During springtime the introduction of fresh manure is allowed only under late grades of potatoes and cabbage since at these cultures the long period of development and manure manages to perepret a little. Optimum norm of manure fertilizing 4-5 kg on square meter of the soil are considered. For preparation of liquid fertilizing mix manure liter with ten liters of water and several days infuse this mix; if manure fresh, then it is necessary to infuse it within two weeks. For increase in efficiency it is possible to add half of bucket of wood ashes to mix. On the eve of the procedure of fertilizing all beds need to be watered carefully then to pour out liquid fertilizer in hole, directly at the roots to plant. Dry horse manure is previously poured straw and sawdust, covered with polyethylene film and left for pereprevaniye. In case of dry, hot weather manure heap is watered for increase in humidity of each its layer. The rerotting manure is added to the soil in number of 5-6 kg on square meter. Besides, from dry manure prepare liquid "express fertilizing": manure is filled in with water in the ratio 1:1, insisted 2-3 days in the enameled or plastic capacity. Just before fertilizer of plants, mix is filtered and parted with water in proportion 1:1. Soil fertilizer will provide with horse manure to it not only complex fertilizing, but also the fastest warming up, improvement of structure of soil without its excessive acidulation as it happens when using pork manure.

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