How to get rid of wasps and to remove hornet's nest

How to get rid of wasps and to remove hornet's nest

As wasps - neighbors not only unpleasant, but also very dangerous, and therefore undesirable at all, the question about disposals of such neighbourhood is very relevant. Except that these insects are known for the causeless aggression, and their stings are painful and can cause anaphylactic shock, wasps are distributors of intestinal infections. And it is only the most basic reasons on which wasps need to be destroyed at once after their detection.

It is required to you

  • - protective suit
  • - plastic bag
  • - plastic bottle
  • - container with water
  • - sugar syrup


1. It is necessary to make trap for insects of plastic bottle. The neck of bottle is cut off on coat hanger, the bottle is filled with sugar syrup or fragrant liquid, it is possible even sour compote (it even the best option). The cut-off part is inserted into bottle by neck down. Wasps are flown to delicacy, and cannot get out of trap any more.

2. From wasps in the apartment, most often in kitchen, spraying by vinegar of curtains, curtains and all fabric objects will help. But it is previously necessary to find out whether everything members of household transfer vinegar smell, whether they have allergy to this product.

3. The fragrant melon will help to get rid of wasps on compost heaps. Crusts from it need to be thrown out on heap of compost, previously having sprayed with insecticides, such as, for example Intavir or ""Sherpa"". These medicines, unlike ""Dichlorvos"" and similar sprays, have no pungent and caustic smell. The quantity of osiny corpses after use of such weapon just shakes.

4. The slot of wasps can be removed, previously having drowned its inhabitants. In capacity - glass jar or bucket to pour water to the edges. To accurately bring capacity to the slot from below and to submerge it in water, having kind of put on bank the slot. To keep the slot in water not less than five minutes, for this period the slot will manage to razmoknut, and its inhabitants to drown. That the wasps who are absent in the slot to the aid have not appeared in time, it is necessary to distract their attention the sugar syrup exposed on a silver platter nearby.

5. In garden or kitchen garden hang out bottles with sugar syrup directly on trees. It also serves as trap for insects who will not be able back to get out any more.

6. One more very effective way to remove the slot is the plastic bag which is put on hornet's nest and pasted by adhesive tape or buttons. The corner of package is cut off, in it any insecticide splashes, and the corner is stuck with adhesive tape or insulating tape. ""Gas chamber"" is left approximately for hour then acts, and the slot carefully is removed.

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