How to grow up buttercups

How to grow up buttercups

Buttercups are beautiful long-term flowers varied in form and to color. Most often gardeners and gardeners grow up on the sites buttercup Asian. This plant can also be grown up in flowerpots on windowsill all the year round.


1. Approximately in March or April in the markets there are buttercup rhizomes which were successfully wintered in basements.

2. Before landing of rhizome it is necessary to wet in warm water at several o'clock. After that it is possible to land, having buried rhizomes at 5-6 cm. After landing the pots with plants need to be put to the light warm place.

3. After emergence of sprouts always support the soil in damp state. Feed up flowers fertilizers which are on sale especially for fertilizing of flowers.

4. It is possible to plant flowers in soil after the threat of frost passes.

5. The way for planting of plants needs to be paved, mixed with sand and complex fertilizer.

6. Do not allow drying of the soil and each 10-15 days in addition you make fertilizing by liquid fertilizers for flowers.

7. Basic care consists in watering, fertilizing, loosening and removal of weeds.

8. Before the first frosts the flowers can be replaced in pots and to bring to the apartment or to cut off and dig out rhizomes. You store rhizomes in the basement with above-zero temperature, having laid in boxes.

9. Cultivation of buttercups is possible from seeds. For this purpose it is necessary to seed them at the beginning of March.

10. After emergence of shoots to raspikirovat and after the threat of frost to replace to the open ground passes.

11. It is necessary to create landing of bed, having put tall grades of buttercups on the center and to continue by undersized grades.

12. Also as well as at cultivation from rhizomes, flowers should be replaced in flowerpots and to bring to the room or to cut off and put in vase.

13. The formed rhizomes to dig out and store till spring in the way stated above.

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