How to grow up champignons at the dacha

How to grow up champignons at the dacha

It is possible to get mycelium of champignons in the gardening markets and even in flower shops now. Only not seeds of plants which should be thrown in the earth and to water it... Behind champignons at the dacha the special care is necessary.

It is required to you

  • The mycelium of champignons which is grown up on compost


1. The mycelium is the usually light gray grains covered with threadlike ""germs"" of mushrooms. The mycelium in packing has to be friable, not packed, without green and brown spots. Before disembarkation the mycelium needs to be stored in the cold place (in the fridge or in the basement). In two days prior to crops it should be shifted to the warm place that the mycelium has got warm at the room temperature.

2. Champignons love shady damp sites. In the earth it is necessary to make deepening in half-meter by all size of future bed. On bottom of groove it is necessary to fill sand and gravel, and from above to lay compost (for example, the straw soaked by hot water with chicken dung and plaster; instead of dung it is possible to use horse or cow manure, and instead of plaster - ammonium nitrate). It is necessary to place mycelium of champignons in compost and to stamp everything.

3. The bed was equal to earth surface - thus compost will not dry up. And still over landing it is worth making canopy from the sun and precipitation - for example, of film. During strong heat it is possible to cover bed with trellised boards (sunlight in this case has to get no more than for 30-40%).

4. Usually shoots appear in two weeks. After that it is necessary to watch humidity of compost (during heat - to spray or water with rain water) and to loosen bed. So champignons will grow quicker.

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