How to grow up early potato

How to grow up early potato

New potato has wonderful taste and aroma. But its price in the market pushes away as is on average 3-4 times higher, than in the fall. It is possible to grow up early harvest of potatoes and independently, however, it is necessary to look after him a little in a different way.


1. Prepare the site since fall for cultivation of early grades of potatoes. Introduce mineral or organic fertilizers. Remove weeds and dig up the earth.

2. If you want to receive harvest very much early, prepare also boxes for seedling. Gather in them the earth from kitchen garden or buy already ready soil. Water the soil that all weeds have ascended. After that weed them that they did not prevent potatoes grow.

3. Buy seeds. Plant them in box after March 10, but not later than April 1. Water and cover with film that tubers have quicker sprouted. Place tanks on windowsill or on table, as a last resort, also floor will approach. But choose the light room that young plants had enough light.

4. At the end of April dig up bed under potatoes. Replace the grown-up plants. Do it most carefully, you watch that the earth did not fall down strongly from roots. Moderately water young landings. It is not necessary to flood strongly the soil as in it and so after winter moisture suffices.

5. Put arches and cover bed with cellophane film. If on the street already warmly and sunny, slightly open landings in the afternoon. Sunshine are necessary for potatoes. In the evening water and again cover.

6. As soon as on the street the warm weather is established and there will be no threat of night frosts, remove cellophane. By Podrykhlite potatoes chopper also make small small groups of the earth around bushes – it is necessary for normal development of root system.

7. Fertilize potatoes mineral additives if you have noticed that it began to grow badly. Ammonium nitrate, urea, double superphosphate or sulfate sodium will be suitable for this purpose. On square meter of the site about 25 g of fertilizers are necessary, more do not put better.

8. Carry out collecting after full maturing of fruits. If you took very early grades of potatoes, the harvest will keep up already from 40 to 60 day after landing, early from 61 to 70 day, and sredneranny from 71 to 90 day. You do not hurry to dig out all bushes of potatoes at once, the longer it will grow, the more there will be mass of tubers. But it is not necessary to wait till fall as potatoes will begin to spoil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team