How to grow up haricot

How to grow up haricot

Haricot surprising plant, edible practically in all the types. From seeds of haricot, beans, cook tasty and useful dishes, put sprouts of haricot in salads, haricot pods – they, by the way, beans are called too – it is also possible to eat. Are not edible unless spin haricots, but they - fine decoration of the site, on them blossom gentle white, pink and red flowers. It is very simple to couch haricot, this task even is no accidental it is included in the program in "Biology" for the 6th class. It is more difficult to grow up from sprouts the fructifying plant not much.

It is required to you

  • Haricot seeds
  • Tray for prorashchivaniye
  • Paper towels
  • Water
  • Support
  • Lime or plaster


1. Sort haricot seeds, dry beans. Separate garbage, stones, the mouldy, wrinkled, cracked beans.

2. Haricot can be sowed directly to the soil or previously to couch. If you sow haricot on bed, then seeds wash out previously, and then dry. Haricot on sprouts is put in superficial tray on layer of damp paper towels. From above place other towel and slightly sprinkle it water. Towels have to be damp, but not wet. From excess of water the beans will begin to decay. Seeds of haricot do not need a lot of place, you can put them even layer, it will be enough.

3. If you sow haricot directly on bed, then wait so far the soil will get warm up to 10 degree centigrades and close up seeds on depth of 5-6 centimeters. Pay attention to that beans lay down that edge from which backs will appear.

4. Though haricot plant not whimsical, best of all it grows on the neutral or subacidic soil, on the sites protected from wind. Sow haricot or replace sprouts at distance of 20 centimeters from each other. If you want to place haricot in several rows, then the distance between ranks should not be less half a meter. If on your site underground waters are located close to fertile layer, plant haricot on ridges if the soil at you easy and well gets warm, then haricot is planted just like that. Haricot is bush, curling and semi-curling. Bush reaches 70 centimeters in length and can grow without support. It is landed on bed in chessboard order, so she will take less places. Other types of haricot need props – stakes, rails, special decorative designs. Perfectly the curling or semi-curling haricot and at fences from chain-link grid grows.

5. Care for haricot very much idle time – weeding, periodic loosening and watering at heat and drought. You should not sow haricot the next year on the same place. Roots of haricot leave in the earth where they enrich the soil with nitrogen and humus. Haricot very much loves calcium therefore in the fall to the place of expected landing of haricot it is good to bring lime or plaster.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team