How to grow up oak

How to grow up oak

To grow up oak there are two ways: by means of saplings – the small sprouted trees, and from acorn – the trees which have grown from seedling.

The first stage of cultivation of oak is collecting acorns. For landing it is possible to choose two types of acorns:

  • autumn acorns, collect them at the beginning or the end of the period of dropping leaves;
  • spring acorns, receive them after the wintering when snow only descends.

It is necessary to sow oak seeds in horizontal position, having powdered with the soil thickness in centimeter. It is the share of each acorn approximately from 500 ml to 700 ml of the soil.

The root system of oak rather powerful and well develops therefore land part, as a rule, lags behind in development and shoots begin to appear only in month or slightly more.

Will grow up oak it is possible in the humidified forest soil which is rich with nutrients. For a start all seedlings can be planted in one box at distance 10 cm from each other, with further development to replace saplings in separate pots. As fertilizers it is possible to use humus or natural nutrients on its basis, but it is possible and it will be limited to purchase of the special forest earth. Regular watering is necessary for oak, without allowing drying of the earth. And also it is necessary to monitor lighting, it has to be good. Does not place additional luminous source in the winter period. The tree quite well takes roots and forms core root which length at oak at the age of 2 years reaches 1.5 meters. Therefore, for landing it is better to take deep pot, and at disembarkation in soil to dig out deep hole. During change it is necessary to use the same earth in which has sprouted tree. So the tree will be able quicker to take roots and will begin to develop at full capacity. After planting of oak it is desirable to monitor its growth in due time to replace signs of the desease. Are dangerous to oak: bad lighting, the empty soil or its insufficient quantity for normal development of root system. The most widespread disease of tree is the mealy dew appearing on oak leaves in the form of white raid. Mealy dew slows down development and growth of tree. To get rid of disease, it is possible to carry out processing by solution of one-percentage copper vitriol or other substance from fungal diseases. Leaves which have been struck should be sprayed with this mix which can be bought easily in any specialized shop for garden and kitchen garden.

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