How to grow up sturgeon

How to grow up sturgeon

The Siberian sturgeon, the Russian sturgeon, starred sturgeon, beluga, sterlet, Kaluga treat sturgeon breeds. Cultivation of sturgeon becomes profitable business thanks to the value of sturgeon caviar and meat of fish. The whole fish plants, farms are created. But it can be also house business.

1. For cultivation of sturgeon fishes the reservoir is necessary, it is possible to use the big pond which is available on your site. Sturgeon fishes do not belong to class of predators, therefore, they will not do harm to reservoir. Means it is possible to use also natural reservoir. It is necessary to clean, bring it to it order, to plant reed and rdesta. It is also necessary to breed living creatures which your fishes will eat, to think over all ecological chain (power supply, cleaning).

2. Carefully pick up material for cultivation. Whitebaits it is better to buy from May to September in special farms which are engaged in cultivation of sturgeons. It is necessary to transport at night that during transportation water did not heat up.

3. Cultivation of whitebaits very labor-intensive process as during growth many whitebaits perish. Therefore think over feeding of fish, stern there has to be enough, otherwise its shortcoming will affect development of individuals, however the surplus will lead to water rotting – fish will begin to be ill. Nonprofessionals usually employ ichthyologists especially for that those just correctly fed fishes. The forage can be bought online shops.

4. For wintering it is necessary to make the special winter pond which is fenced off from natural reservoir. In it think over water change, disinfection. In the winter in frosts the sturgeon fishes fall into hibernation therefore it is necessary to provide condition of rest.

5. Two years later fish takes presentation, then it will be possible to be engaged in business. For example, organization of fishing. Equip pond with floorings that it was more convenient to fish. Ashore place necessary stock, boats, braziers, lodges for rest and spending the night. Make advertizing of your recreation area, think over payment. All in your hands. On the basis of this complex, but profitable business - cultivation of sturgeon, it is possible to realize also many passing ideas.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team