How to grow up sweet potato

How to grow up sweet potato

Sweet potato is the culture widespread in the countries with tropical and subtropical climate. But it is possible to grow up it and in the southern regions of Russia. Tubers of sweet potato differ from normal potatoes in the sweet taste and high content of carbohydrates in structure.


1. If you are going to grow up sweet potato on small allotment, get only several tubers. And to prepare for prorashchivaniye, disinfect them weak solution of copper vitriol. Then take box no more than 20 centimeters high, fill it with the soil consisting on 2/3 of the friable soil, granular sand and humus in equal quantities. And from above fill 4-centimeter layer of coarse sand.

2. Place sweet potatoes in box, slightly press them into soil and fill up with sand. Put box on pallet and establish it on windowsill. Optimum temperature for prorashchivaniye should not be lower than 18 wasps and higher than 27 wasps. For maintenance of moisture water soil once in several days.

3. As soon as on sprouts there are from 4 to 6 interstices, separate escapes from tuber and transplant them in hotbed or in pot with soil. Usually sprouts begin to appear in month after laying of sweet potatoes in box. Remove sprouts from tubers in each 8 or 10 days.

4. As soon as the soil gets warm rather well, land sweet potatoes to the open ground. In the southern areas the landing usually begins at the end of April and comes to an end at the beginning of June. You make landing to the open ground not implanted shanks separated from sprouts during the early period or pikirovanny seedling.

5. When landing by shanks select only those which have from 4 to 5 interstices. Remove from them all large leaves, having left only scapes. At sufficient moistening of the soil the backs will quickly develop on knots.

6. Choose the site and prepare ridge for sweet potato. Well lit and warmed up slopes are the most suitable. The soil can be muddy or sandy and also light loams well will approach. The ridge has to be higher with width not less than 70 centimeters.

7. Leave distance between bushes of seedling from 30 to 50 centimeters among. The you have chosen more dlinnopletisty grade, the more it has to be. It is necessary to water sweet potato regularly, especially during rooting of shanks. Then the number of waterings needs to be reduced, and in 15 days prior to harvesting to stop at all. The term of collecting tubers depends on landing time, but usually it falls on the middle of September.

8. Dig out sweet potatoes only of the dry soil in sunny weather. The tubers collected under such circumstances will be well stored in the dry and aired rooms of half a year and more. Remove top shanks from the most fruitful plants and implant in pots that in their spring it was possible to put to the open ground again.

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