How to hang doors

How to hang doors

It is not difficult to hang doors on bedside table or cabinet at all. For this purpose it is not obligatory to call the master. Half an hour of free time, is a little patience, veneer sheet - and your old bedside table will receive the second life, and you - satisfaction from the done work.

It is required to you

  • drill, finishing nails of 1.5 inches in size, the hammer, varnish, brush for varnish, back flap hinges, marking tape, the screw-driver, accessories, screws, tape measure, finishing plywood 0.5 inches thick


1. Measure height and width of aperture, by means of tape measure.

2. Cut out from the sheet of finishing plywood of door. If I eat already 60 cm, it is possible to establish one door. If is wider - it is necessary two. In this case, height of each door has to correspond to aperture height, and width has to be equal to half of the general width of aperture minus 1.3 cm.

3. Measure and cut profiles for bordering of each door. Make bevels in 45 degrees on corners.

4. Drill, by means of drill, opening in future doors.

5. Attach bordering profiles to doors by means of finishing nails. For this purpose, hammer nails into doors, through profile edges.

6. Varnish doors.

7. Let's varnish dry out.

8. Establish two half-countersunk back flap hinges on backside of each door.

9. Paste marking sticky Lena on face side of frame, is 1.3 cm higher than aperture.

10. Apply door to aperture and level, being guided by marking tape.

11. Note the provision of the top loop on frame, by means of marking tape.

12. Open loops. Apply door so that the loop has appeared in the place noted earlier.

13. Drill openings and record loops on front frame screws.

14. Remove marking tape.

15. Attach accessories (door handles, latches).

16. If you want to establish folding door, then loops should be attached to the lower part of front frame. On both parties of aperture fix holders who will hold door when opening. Establish the furniture latches fixing door in closed position.

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