How to collect carriage

How to collect carriage

After purchase of baby carriage many often faced what is not known as it is correct to bring together her. All parts go in set in the necessary quantity, defects are absent and how to aggregate carriage - unclear.

In this article it is told how it is correct to make process of assembly of carriage of Peg Perego UNO.

  • Unfolding: to spread out carriage it is necessary to clamp both buttons of the handle at once and to block it in veritikalny situation. After that it is necessary to disconnect two fastenings and then to lift wheel in the top situation. Then it is necessary to lower it down to click.
  • Fastening of the handle: having used the screw-driver turn off two screws (it is necessary to watch that they were not lost). Further it is necessary to set the handle to horizontal position. Twirl screws from both sides of the handle. They need to be screwed up against the stop, but without applying excessive efforts.
  • Installation of wheels: big wheels need to be combined with the respective slots then to put on before snapping.
  • Basket: for installation of basket it is necessary to press side knot and to pull on itself to take basket bar. Then to check its correct situation.

А). Pass bar through basket material, then establish it back to the slot before snapping. After that it is necessary to fix basket by means of side buttons and in front to put on two loops.

Б). The basket becomes in three provisions. Normal placement, basket it is lifted and the basket is lowered.

  • Apron: before click insert and displace apron. Pull on yourself levers which are under apron and pushing it forward insert it.
  • The apron can be extended in 2 provisions. For the first option of lengthening it is necessary to pull on itself two levers which are under apron. For the second – it is necessary to pull more on itself, before the second click. To take off apron it is necessary to press the buttons which are under armrest and at the same time to remove it.

When it is possible to collect carriage for the first time without the aid of the instruction, you can be sure – you have remembered all steps. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team