How to increase eyes by means of make-up

How to increase eyes by means of make-up

and expressive eyes - the real gift of the nature. But if your eyes do not differ in the outstanding sizes, you can increase them by means of cosmetics. Refuse too dark shadows in favor of light and brilliant, issue eyebrows and eyelashes, level eyelid skin - in art of make-up there are no trifles.

It is required to you

  • - base under shadows;
  • - shadows of light tones;
  • - pencil for eyeliner;
  • - tweezers;
  • - pencil for eyebrows or wax;
  • - curling tongs of eyelashes;
  • - mascara;
  • - white waterproof pencil;
  • - proofreader.


  1. Pick up suitable cosmetics. For optical increase in eyes shadows of pastel shades with satin effect are necessary. Pay attention to beige, silvery, soft lilac or greenish tone - the choice depends on your preferences and color of eyes.
  2. Shadows in the form of powder, cream or gel will be suitable for daily make-up. That cosmetics did not roll down and did not spread, apply the fixing base on eyelids.
  3. Impose shadows fingertips, means will lay down even thin layer. You apply shadows on all mobile eyelid, and then gather a little on the applicator and use eye shadow through growth of the lower eyelashes. Pound lines - the soft and indistinct make-up optically will increase eyes.
  4. If upper eyelids hang, bring them pencil of black, dark gray or brown color. You should not bring lower eyelid. Pound pencil the applicator that the arrow has turned out softer.
  5. Put eyebrows in order, having pulled out the lower hairs. The accurate eyebrow will visually open look and will make eyes larger. Arches can be emphasized with pencil or color wax is one tone more dark than your natural color.
  6. Retouch bruises and small wrinkles under eyes the soft cream proofreader of yellowish-beige color. It is possible to add a few white shadows or very light proofreader to external corner of eye. These means will remove redness and will make look serene.
  7. Try to bring internal eyelid nacreous-white pencil. Such eyeliner will beautifully shade iris, will make proteins cleaner, and eyes - are larger.
  8. Pay attention to eyelashes. They can be twisted that eyes seemed more. Raise eyelashes fingers, clamp them at roots plates of nippers and take 10-15 seconds. Then make up hairs the glossy-black extending ink. Press eyelashes brush, fixing bend. It is better not to make up the lower eyelashes - ink will quickly be smeared, and eyes will visually decrease.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team